It’s all about Tattoos…!!!

Hey you all…

Today’s post is about THE body art, tattoo…!!!

I have one tattoo each on both my wrists. People keep asking me about the experience, the care that we need to take etc etc… So, I decided why not I write it down all of them so that it will help someone out there, who is really interested in tattoos.

Tattoos are the body art, made by inserting indelible ink into cells. They insert/inject color pigments into your cells.

When I was a child, I was very much fascinated by tattoos. I used to just love flaunting the sticker tattoos which we used to get along with chocolates. The sticker ones used to last for a day or two. I used to feel so bad when the tattoo used to fade. sad

I wanted to get a permanent tattoo since my childhood. But in those days, tattoo studios were not introduced in a town like mine. There were these women who were ‘THE traditional tattoo artists’. They used to have certain designs’ blocks made up of wood. These blocks were dipped in some color and pressed against area where you wanted to get a tattoo. Then they used to take there ‘weapon’, a bunch of sharp needles…!!! They used to dip the needles in pigments and puncture the cells by pressing them against the design which they had drew using the wooden blocks. ouchhh I was terrified by the sight. pheww and yes, their songs would be a complimentory one. They used to sing, in order to divert one’s mind. (Oh please, Even if my favorite singer Taylor swift agrees to sing for me, I cant go through that pain…!!! )People used to get high fever because of this procedure.

Thankfully, now the procedure is sooo much easier. Thanks to the discovery of great equipments to do a tattoo.

As I mentioned earlier, I have got two tattoos. Trust me guys, the feeling is awesome. They are the permanent accessories which you can flaunt all your lifetime. There is no way that you will forget to wear or lose, just like what happens with other accessories of us.
So below are some of the points which I would like to share with you all.

Things you need to consider before getting a permanent tattoo:

  1. Tattoo is something which lasts for lifetime. This is something which we take with us to our grave. So, you need to be very very sure about the design. I would personally would ask you guys do not get any one’s name tattooed on you. Tattoo lasts for life time but relationship might not.
  2. You can design your own tattoo which defines your personality. Do not get a tattoo done only because the design looked cool on someone else.
  3. Be sure where you want to get a tattoo. The area which is bony and exposed to nerves is not recommended for a tattoo virgin. When needle comes in contact with bone or a nerve, it pains more. Go for a part with more flesh and less nerves like wrist, thighs, arms etc.
  4. Do not give priority to money over your health. Research and get reviews of the tattoo studios / artist before choosing one. Make sure the place, equipment and needle are hygienic. Some reputed studio might costs you more but darling, you are worth it.
  5. Make sure you are not allergenic to any colors pigments.

My first tattoo experience:

My first tattoo is a musical note. Music is something which moves my soul… Which makes lifts my mood up and makes my soul happy… So, here is my first tattoo…!!!

I got this beauty done from one of the oldest and reputed tattoo studios in Pune, “Sabby’s tattoo”.

They drew the tattoo design of my choice, on a piece of paper. They place the paper on my wrist. They applied a solution on it. When they removed the paper, the design’s impression was on my wrist. This acts like a reference sketch. They draw the tattoo on basis of this tremporary impression.

I was really nervous and at the same time very excited as I was finally fulfilling one of my childhood desire…!!!

The tattoo artist sterilised the equipments and removed a new needle in front of me. He informed me about the same. This is to make the customer feel safe. After all tattoo procedure is all about hygen.

I know you must be curious to know how painful it was. Because this is the factor which stops most of us to get a tattoo done. Trust me, it wasn’t that painful.

I want to mention here, the pain you go through the procedure totally depends on your tattoo artist. He/ she is the one who controls the tattoo gun. Just an FYI, The tattoo machine’s needle punctures the skin 50 to 3,000 times per minute. I was freaked out by this fact. But, luckily the artist was so curtious and gentle, my first tattoo experience was just a cake walk.

When he started the tattoo machine, I just took a deep breath and showed him a thumbs up. While he was drawing the outline, it was not at all painful. It was not even like an ant bite trust me.

While he was filling the design, it needs constant or repeated puncturing the cells. So that time it pained a little. But it was much much less painful than threading / waxing.

Once the tattoo was done, they covered it up with a gel and asked me to wash it after an hour.

Below are the things which the artist asked me to follow for the tattoo maintenance.

Procedures to follow for 15-20 days after tattoo:

  1. Tattoo is technically an open wound. You need to maintain hygiene. Else it might lead to some skin infection. You can wash tattoo with a mild soap, twice a day.
  2. We can not expose the tattoo directly to water and sun light frequently.
    It is recommended to apply vaseline before taking bath. This will prevent tattoo from coming contact with water.
    Cover the tattoo with layers of clothes before coming out in sun.
  3. No gym or swimming and no weight lifting if the tattoo is on your hands/ arms. These activities leads to expansion of cells, which will effect the tattoo.
  4. They provide you a gel which you need to apply on a clean tattoo twice daily.
  5. The trickky part is, when tattoo starts to heal it itches a lot. As it heals, the upper layer gets dried. But, you should not scratch it. If you do, it will ruin the tattoo. While it itches, just apply the gel provided by them. This will give you a soothing effect. (Even at midnights…!!! )
  6. You cant let any accessories(specially metalic ones) to come in contact with your tattoo. To avoid any skin reaction.
    The feeling you get with your tattoo, is amazing. I think the pain you go through to take care of tattoo is worth it.

My second tattoo:

I had opted the same tattoo studio for my second tattoo. Here is my second one.

The semicolon in the heart. It symbolizes a strong heart. Semicolon is used when you need to end a sentence but instead you continue. Same way in life, sometimes we tend to get shattered and give up on certain things. But instead, a strong heart chooses continue to  fight.  So, the second tattoo is for the strong heart which reminds me “you survived that, you can survive anything… Keep going…!!!”

At Sabby’s, it costs 1500 INR per inch.

My first tattoo costed me 2500 INR. Second one 1000 INR.

Artist will give you the needle they used for your first tattoo. If you opt to use the same needle for your second one, you will be charged 500 INR less. They will sterilize the needle before using it so no worries. I had got the discount on my second tattoo for the same reason.

You can use the same needle thrice. Since the needle wont be that sharp enough for a fine tattoo, you can not use it after that.


Special note:

Tattoo design is your personal choice. People always have their own opinions about the stuffs. Do not listen to what people think about the design. Some like, some don’t. You are getting a tattoo for yourself, not to impress people out there. wink


So these are the points which came to my mind while writing this post…. 🙂

Feel free to ask your queries  regarding the tattoos, if any.

Would love to help.

Keep smiling…
Pallavi 🙂

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