For Beautiful Hair… !!!

Hey You,

Your hair is the crown you never take off. wink

Today’s post is for the “Rapunzel’ in you… !!!
Some like short hair and some girls like me, love long locks. I am blessed with long, naturally straight but thin hair. We girls are never happy with our natural hair texture, are we???  haha   Rapunzel being my #HairGoals icon during my childhood, I used to dream of long, manageable, healthy hair. But I don’t like the idea of letting the prince climb the fort using the hair… Ouch I love my hair, I cant do that. hehe

I will be sharing the hair care tips I have used or heard. So, read on to achieve “#GreatHair”

 These are big No No, in order to keep your hair in good condition:

1. Over brushing:
Too much is too bad. Brushing couple of times in a day is recommended. As it stimulates the hair follicles and promotes growth. It also helps in spreading the natural hair oil which is accumulated on head over night. But, brushing your hair more often results in dry hair. I have seen some girls who scare me by brushing their tresses so fast and furiously. haha Please stop it because I can hear your locks screaming.
 2. Tight hair styles:
The tight hair bands cause tension in hair strands and thus making them brittle. I would suggest to keep your hair open or tie them in a lose bun or something in order to keep them healthy.


3. Frequent use of styling tools :
Girl with straight hair dreams of curly/ wavy hair and girls with curly/ wavy hair are crazy for straight hair. I know, we girls are not always happy with what we are blessed with. So, we opt for styling tools. But, the heat for hair is not at all good. You might be applying a good protecting serum before using the heat. But beautiful, can any serum protect your skin from hot tool.? How can you believe that the serum will protect your delicate hair from burning…!!!


 4. Combing wet hair:
You might have read or heard lot many times about it. Still, I would like to repeat this point. It is difficult to detangle hair before applying conditioner. When the hair is wet, it is more weak and breaks easily. So, here is the tip. Brush, detangle your hair before washing. This will reduce tangling of hair. Use your fingers to detangle, instead of comb/brush.
5. Skipping Hair conditioner:
Most of you might skip using conditioner, after washing your hair. But this is a wrong thing to do for your crown my dear…!!! Shampoos do drain out the moisture from hair to a certain extent. As the name suggests, conditioners condition your hair by adding moisture and shine. You have to apply conditioner to hair concentrating on end. Do not apply conditioner on scalp.

6. Washing hair frequently:
 Washing hair frequently results in dry hair. So you can wash your hair twice or thrice (if your scalp is really oily) a week.

1 (1)

7. Taking hot shower:
Wash your hair with warm water instead of hot water. Hot water damages the hair by making it dry and brittle.

  1. Poor Diet:
    Your diet should be healthy and rich in protein and vitamins. Junk foods do not help when it comes to health, hair and skin.

9. Coloring your hair:
If you want to try different colors on your hair, make sure you take a good care of it post coloring. You will have to use products which are meant for colored hair. Deep conditioning is a must for colored hair.


10. Chemically treated hair:
I was really fascinated by the smoothened/ straightened hair looks. The hair looks so neat and in place. I wanted to get my hair smoothed sometimes. But, when I got to know the chemicals and heat involved + the care we need to take for it, I dropped the idea. Girl, if you want to smooth-en your hair please make sure you know the procedures, products involved and you are ready to take care of your hair. Deep conditioning, oiling are must in order to maintain the health of your tresses.

11. Smoking:
We all know “Smoking kills. Cigarette is injurious to health”. It is harmful not only to your lungs but also to skin and hair. If you want to look good, start by quitting smoking.
12. Skipping haircuts:
I have head people saying “If you don’t cut your hair, it won’t grow..!!!” I don’t believe in this logic. Hair growth is from the root, not from the end. I believe hair cut is necessary to remove the split ends and not for growth. Trimming the hair makes hair look healthy and bye bye split ends.

13. Stress:
We get to live this life once, live it with no regrets and stress free as much as possible. The more stress, more damage to overall health. Smile when you still have teeth. hehe


Below are some of the tips, which your hair will be thankful for:

1. Hot oil treatment is the savior:
    Once in a week spend some time oiling your hair. You must have heard about importance of oiling your hair from your granny and mommy. Oiling boosts the hair growth, moisturizes scalp, hence avoids dandruff problems.

2. Invest time on certain hair masks:
There are plenty of hair masks available online. But, would love to tell you guys to go for a natural one. You can apply curd for moisture, egg for shine.
3. Let your hair dry naturally:
 Again, using hair drier, makes your hair weak on long run. Hence, choose air dry over driers.

4. Choose a hair shampoo with no or less harmful chemicals.

5. Pamper yourself with a spa appointment once a month:
Nothing like a relaxing spa treatment. When you get a good head massage, it makes so so relaxed and stress free. The massage also stimulated hair follicles and helps in nourishment and growth of hair.

6. Take vitamin supplements:
Sometimes, our body lacks certain vitamins. We might not be able to get those in out diet. So, its recommended to consult a doctor and take supplements. Biotin is the popular hair supplements. Consult a doctor for appropriate dosage as per your body need.

7. Apply hair serum or live in conditioner:
If you are working in AC environment, your hair tend to become dry and rough. In order to keep your hair manageable, apply a good hair serums. These serums add shine and conditions the hair. Below are some of the good serums I recommend.

b. L’Oreal Paris Smooth Intense Smoothing Serum

c. L’Oreal Professionnel X-Tenso Care Serum

8. Protect hair from dust and sun:
 Cover your hair with a hat or scarf when you step out.

9. Tie your hair in a loose bun when you sleep:
This will avoid hair from falling all over your face and disturb your beauty sleep. It also avoids tangling.

10. Use a satin pillow case instead of cotton one:
When you sleep, the friction between the cotton pillow and your hair, makes hair brittle in long run. Instead, sleep on a satin pillow case which keeps your hair smooth.

11. Keep your comb, hair styling tools clean.

12. Good beauty sleep:
Body repairs itself while we sleep. Hence a good 7-8 hours sleep is  a must for beautiful you.

Beautiful woman sleeping
beautiful girl sleeps in the bedroom

Tips useful on bad hair day:

There are certain days when your hair becomes oily/ too dry and unmanageable. Below are some tips which will be of use.

 1. If your hair is too oily and you do not have time to wash it, do not worry. Spritz some baby powder to your hair. Brush the hair. Powder absorbs the oil and makes the hair less oily and easy to manage.

  1. Thumbs up for messy hair buns.
  2. Use dry shampoo. Dry shampoo is a shampoo in powder form. It removes greasiness and best part is , it doesn’t need water…!! hence the name dry. But, again less is more. Do not use this on daily basis.

Hope you find these tips useful.

Do take care of your crown you beautiful… smile


Pallavi ❤

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