Multiple Ways to Use A Pumice Stone…!!!

Hey You,

Do you agree that for every girl, her mom is her first style icon. A baby girl is so much fascinated by the beauty stuffs her mom uses. It might be a simple eyeliner or a compact. I remember the basic makeup stuffs my mom uses to use when I was young. I also remember that mom use to use a stone to keep her feet and elbows soft. Daughter wants to know each and every detail of that beauty stuffs right…???  Likewise, I used to ask my mom why does she uses this rough stone on her feet. I had heard the word ‘Pumice stone’ for the first time from her and of course why we need to use it. But, I was never convinced by that, as I was really horrified by the fact of rubbing a rough stone against my skin. Till the day, I started using one(when I grew up haha )



This Pumice stone is a porous material, formed when hot lava comes in contact with water. These are perfect for removing dead skin cells without scratching. Guess what, it was used by Romans and Greeks since ancient times.


I use Vega Pumice stone. I bought it from a local drug store. You can buy one from here

Let me tell you how to use this:

  1. Dip your feet in warm water for a while, to make skin soft. Dry skin removal is easy when skin becomes soft. You can also use pumice stone when you are in shower.

2. Dip the pumice stone in water or hold it under running water. It is easier to slide wet stone across your feet.
3. Once the stone is completely wet, rub it against your feet in circular motion gently.
4. Wash your feet with water and you can see the difference. Feet are softer than before.
5. If you find any need for more scrubbing, repeat.
6. Once you are done with scrubbing, pat dry your feet and apply ample amount of good moisturizer to have a happy feet.

How to keep the Pumice stone clean:



  1. Brush your pumice stone after every use. Since the stone is porous and by brushing it, will keep the pores clean.
  2. After every wash, air dry the stone before storing it back in a dry place.
  3. If you use it frequently, once in a while dip the stone in boiling water for a while, to kill the germs.
  4. When the stone’s surface becomes smooth or stone becomes small, replace it.


Do you know this tool serves multiple purposes???

  1. You can use it as a hair remover. Rub the wet stone against wet and soft hand/legs(where you want to conduct a deforestation process haha) in circular motion for a while. Your hands/legs will be free from hair…!!! This process is similar to shaving. It removes hair from skin surface rather than pulling it from its root. Make sure you don’t pres the stone roughly against the skin.
  2. If you are worried of pills on your sweaters, Pumice stone is a hero. Rub a dry pumice stone against pills on the sweater. The porous surface of stone will remove the pills. Again, please do not rub it rigorously as I am sure you don’t want to spoil the texture of fabric. Do you???

3. Wet pumice stone can be used to clean toilets.
4. Ovens can also be cleaned by this.
5. If you are a pet lovers like me, you know how your home will be full of their tiny furs. Do you know pumice stone can be used to remove the hair from car seats, rugs and mats.???



  1. You can use it as a manicure tool by rubbing it against your cuticle gently before applying nail paint. Do not forget to wet the stone my dear.
  2. A pumice stone whose surface has become smooth is of no use for removing dead skin cells right. Instead of throwing it away, you can use it in your garden. Adding pumice stone in the soil, helps to retain water and hold onto essential nutrients necessary for plant growth.
  3. These can be used as an aroma diffuser. Due to porous surface, they can absorb the essential aromatic oils. They slowly release the aroma in the air making your home smell fresh.

Those were the quick points about an affordable beauty stone, I wanted to share with you all today.

Hope you found this useful.



Pallavi ❤

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