Bath and Body Works – Midnight Pomegranate body mist Reviewed…!!!

Hey you,

Are you a lover of perfumes??? Are you looking for a sweet and mild fragrance??? If so, you will definitely fall in love with this one…

I love how these sweet fragrances lift my mood up and make me so happy. May be this is the reason I always always end up adding them to my mist/perfume collection.

Today’s pick is this beautiful mist from ‘The Bath and Body Works’,’Midnight Pomegranate’ body mist.


This is a gift from me to myself on my birthday last year. After all, self love comes first right…!!!

Packing is cute and girly. The small stars and the maroon pomegranate design makes it look like a magic. The bottle is transparent and sturdy. The transparency helps us to see the quantity of mist left in the bottle.

This is travel friendly but some might not find it handy as it is not too small to carry it around.


The spray nozzle is of good quality. Its been an year and still its working properly. I am stressing this minute point because, I have certain other mists whose nozzles are awful. You need to put a lot of pressure to sprinkle the mist. *cry* But a little pressure is enough to make it work.


The bottle’s cap is sturdy and fits properly. You must be knowing the pain of taking care of non sturdy and lose caps. *sob*

The sturdiness of the bottle have been tested. In fact on the day I had bought. Unfortunately this mist fell from my hand while keeping it in my bag. *shock*  But, it wasn’t broken at all…!!!


Price: I bought this on an offer prize of 700 INR for 8 fl oz/ 236 ml. Without discount, it might costs from 900-1500 INR.

You can check them at Snapdeal and Amazon.

The fragrance is very sweet and I feel it like a dream. The moment I tried this at the shop, without any second thought I bought this wonderful  mist. *Happy dance*

Like I had mentioned in my previous post about mists, this doesn’t last for a very long time. Its staying power is around 2 to 3 hours.

If you ask me what are the pros and cons, here are the points.

Pros of Bath and Body Works – Midnight Pomegranate body mist are:
1. Amazing fruity sweet fragrance.
2. Staying power is 2 to 3 hours. I am listing this in pros  because it is a mist and almost all the mists have less staying power compared to perfumes.
3. Pocket friendly.
4. Travel friendly.
5. Nozzle is of good quality.
6. Transparent bottle makes it easy to keep an eye on quantity left.
7. Not tested on animals hence its is a cruelty free product.

Cons of Body Works – Midnight Pomegranate body mist :
1. Ingredient list is not mentioned.

My Girlypedia Rating: 4.8/5

I would love to repurchase this mist after I finish this one.

If you love mild fruity fragrance like me, do give it a try… *smile* I am sure you will love this one.

Stay happy, Stay Beautiful…
Pallavi ❤

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