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I did my schooling from a Christian school. You must be knowing the strict environment in a typical school. We weren’t supposed to grow our nails that time. But, one of our teachers used to apply nail paint which use to compliment her outfit’s color. She used to make us jealous by dressing up and we used to hate our boring uniform and our short nails. Once I was done with schooling, I started exploring the world of nail art. During my college days, I had this huge craze of trying out different and weird nail paints. Some colors (florescent colors I would say) used to be so weird that, I remember one of my friends saying “Can you please remove that nail paint?? It is hurting my eyes.”  *haha*  But, never mind, I like it, so I will flaunt it. *wink*


If you are also a fan of nail art and someone who takes care of their nails like a baby, you will like this post. Read on to know more about nails, fun/ weird facts , how to take care of nails.

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Some Facts about Nails:
1. Nails, hair are made up of keratin, a type of protein.
2. Nail growth is more in summer as compared to winter.
3. Men’s nails grow faster than women’s.
4. Every part of your body sweats but Nails never sweat.
5. Your nail’s natural color can say a lot about your health.
6. Did you know, nail biting is a nervous symptom and it is called Onychophagia.
7. Your sleep and stress also affect your nail growth.
8. Cuticles not only protects nail bed from germs, they also locks in moisture and keep the cuticle healthy.
9. Nails of the hand which you use most grows faster than the nails of the other hand
10. Longer the fingers, faster the nail’s growth. Hence the middle finger’s nail grow faster and thumb’s nail slower.
11. 10% of skin problems are caused due to nail problem. *surprised*
12. Your toenails are twice as thick as your fingernails.
13. Interesting point. You must have heard elder people saying, “do not cut your nails after sunset”. Have you ever thought why. I had googled to know about it. It is because, during old days the lamps were the only source of light after sunset. One might get hurt while cutting nails with insufficient light. Hence, they used to say not to cut nails.


How to make your nails stronger and healthier:
1. Dip them in warm oil(coconut or any cooking oil) for a while. Wash them with warm water and apply good moisturizing cream.
2. Use some good quality cuticle serum and strengthening serum.
3. Nails do not breath since they are dead cells but cuticle and nail beds do. Nail polish suffocates the nail bed. So do not apply nail paint for couple of days before changing nail color(I know it might be hard for some.) and let them breath. *deep breath*
4. Stop using nails as a tool. *ouch*
5. Follow good diet.
6. Stop biting your nail or I say Onychophagia…!!!

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Few Facts about Nail polish:
1. Nail paints were introduced by Chinese with 2 basic colors – Red and Black.
2. In ancient Egypt, women’s nail paint used to symbolize their status. Red being the upper most class.
3. Initially the ingredients of nail polish were: beeswax, egg whites, gelatin, and vegetable dyes.
4. Do you know what inspired to invent modern days nail polishes??? Car paint. Yes, Revlon was the first company who introduced nail polishes and they were inspired by car paints.
5. The most expensive nail paint costs $250,000. It has 267 carats black diamonds in it.
6. You must have heard about different finishes like matte finish, glossy finish. Can you believe there 13 different types of finishing in nail paints.
7. If you never open the nail paint bottle, it will last forever. The opened bottle will last for couple of years. Reason behind this is the evaporation of certain materials when nail paint is exposed to air.
8. Nail polish you choose says a lot about your current mood.

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Different uses of nail polish:
1. Apply transparent nail paint  on metal accessories to prevent them from rusting.
2. You can paint the keeps with nail paint to differentiate.
3. You can use your old nail paint to seal an envelop.
4. You can stop a run in your tights from getting bigger by applying transparent nail paint from outside , inside over the run.
5. You can apply transparent nail paint over labels of any food box or medicine box to prevent labels from smudging.


Certain nail paint tips:
1. Always apply base and top coats while painting your nails.
2. Keep nail paints in refrigerator to make it last longer.

Tried and tested tips to cure yellow nails:

  1. Use baking soda and water paste to whiten the nails.
  2. Take hydrogen-peroxide and water in 3:1 ratio and dip nails in it for a while. This will whiten nails.

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I am sure if you are among those who loveee their nails and nail polishes, you have enjoyed reading this post a lot… If you are not a nail art lover, do enter the world and explore. I will promise you, that you won’t be bored here. *wink*

Till next post,

Keep smiling,
Pallavi ❤


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