Newbie In the World of Lipsticks – Flower Jelly Lipstick

Hey my beautiful reader,

Let me tell you a secret, I am a Disney child… Cartoon movies still make me feel so happy from inside. Do you also like fairy tale fantasy world??? Magical things…??? These newbie lipsticks are nothing less than a fantasy. They remind me of ‘enchanted rose’ of ‘Beauty and the Beast’. Don’t you think so…??? *happy* I am sure you too will be happy and thrilled to know about these super cute lipsticks.


A China based company, named ‘Kailijumei’ has come up with this revolutionary idea and it claims to sell “cheap, high quality makeup.”. These lipsticks are hot stuff on Instagram and over the net for the obvious reason.

So, what are these lipsticks all about… These are transparent lipsticks which has got flowers in them. Yes you heard it right. You must be thinking whats the new thing in here… There are several companies who claim that their products are natural and they contain natural stuffs…!!! The super cool thing about these lipsticks are that, they are transparent and you can see the flowers in them. Yes, flowers are visible…!!! Here is a snap for you. Have a look.


Aren’t they super dooper cute…??? They look like some fairy tale lipsticks with magical powers…

Some unique ingredients and decorations, including jelly, gold flakes are infused in these Lippi. Mesmerizing part is the floating flower inside the lipstick…!!! Company claims that these also contain natural products like cocoa butter,botanical extracts,stearic acid,beeswax,candelilla resin,olive oil,citric acid,grape seed oil,lavender oiland 3 kinds of Real Dried flowers in paste.

These are color changing lipsticks. The color payoff depends on your body temperature. The lesser the temperature, more glossy pink the lipstick looks on your lips.


They are claimed to be super awesomely moisturizing. The lucky people who have tried these have found it more like lip gloss/ balm than a lipstick, due to its moisturizing quality. (Dry lips beauties, are you listening…???  *happy dance* )

There are 4 variants available in flower gel lipsticks.  I like the girly names of them. *wink*

Flame Red

flame red

Barbie Pink Power

barbie doll powder

Minute Maid

minute maid

Hot Pink

hot pink

Along with lipsticks; ‘Kailijumei’ also got Lip balms, which has 2 variants.

Clear jelly lip balms

plain jelly lipbalm

Don’t they look like real jelly candies…!!! *Yumm yumm*

Flower lip balm

flower lipbalm


I know they are super cute. I doubt I will be able to use it once I buy them. I mean they are so cute… Instead of applying, I would love to stare at them without blinking my eyes. *haha*

As these lipsticks are ‘famous’ over the internet, the number of customers is increasing immensely. They are priced for $30 (Approximately 2000 INR) for each. Sad part is, its quite difficult to pick this lipstick if you haven’t done a pre-order.

Now some serious part. Company has recently announced that, they are duplicate lipsticks available which more or less look like the original flower gel lipsticks. But the duplicate ones might contain harmful chemicals. So they have urged to buy from their official website. 444803-2bd2d8b2e540496d886832f832beae3d

These are only info I could find from their website . Even though all the lipsticks are ‘out of stock’ right now, would love to pre-order one. (How can I miss such a mesmerizing lipstick..!!! ) I just don’t understand one thing. How can all natural lipstick can change its color…!!! Well,since I don’t own one, I can not tell whether its actual worth the hype. When I get one, will surely review.

Till then, Keep Shining….

Pallavi ❤

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