Enchanteur romantic body lotion, thumbs up or thumbs down???

Hey Pretty,

If you have read my previous posts, by this time you definitely know ‘my type’. I love all the girly stuffs. *blush* While shopping for certain things last time at a store, A pretty body lotion caught my eyes. I loved the name of it and picked it up.(I am pretty sure, many of you can relate to me. We pick the products which look cute…!!! )  So, today I will be reviewing this lotion for you, my beautiful reader…!!! Read on to know whether its in ‘My Buy Again’ list, or no…!!!

What the company claims???
Let the luscious touch of ‘Enchanteur romantic body lotion’ with its uplifting fragrance of sweet Bulgarian Roses and white Jasmine pamper you to perfection.
Formulated with non greasy moisture silk and specially enriched with Aloevera and Olive Butter to give your skin optimum moisturization and nourishment.


Company’s recommendation:
Apply daily for beautifully soft, silky smooth skin.

199 INR for 300 ml(After the 20% off)
Shelf life:
2 years




So, the lovely name on the bottle was the reason, which made me feel that this must be a silky smooth, super moisturizing cream. (me and my assumptions about the products… *haha*) Its name is ‘Enchanteur’, perfumed body lotion. Moisture silk with flavor names ‘Romantic’…!!! and bonus “20% off”…!!!

The bottle comes in off white sturdy plastic bottle. It has a design on it which makes it look feminine. A soft pink rose on it is like cherry on top. Its outer cartoon was enough for me to pick this bottle.


The cap is flip one. A rose design on it makes it look cute. The cap is tight, hence no worries about leakage.


Since the bottle is of medium size, it can be carried in your hand bag. *yieppe*

Let me tell you whats inside this girly bottle now.


The white cream smells like fresh jasmine and roses. Its refreshing.

It is runny, absorbs fast hence doesn’t makes your skin look greasy.

The fragrances lingers for around 5-6 hours.


But let me tell you what disappointed me. It doesn’t make your skin look soft or it doesn’t add required moisture. This lotion doesn’t fair for the beauties with normal to dry skin like me. So the silky smooth skin it claims is false.

The next time you go for shopping; if you find this product, *skip* do not buy if you have dry skin. !!!

Oily skinned beauties can give it a try. Even though it doesn’t moisturize the skin, the fragrance is quite long lasting.

Pros of ‘Enchanteur romantic body lotion’:

  1. Girly and travel friendly packing.
  2. Non greasy cream
  3. Absorbs fast
  4. Refreshing fragrance
  5. Fragrance lasts for 5-6 hours
  6. Affordable

Cons of Enchanteur romantic body lotion:

  1. Does not moisturize skin.
  2. Contains paraben.

My girlypedia rating: 3/5

Final verdict:

I won’t recommend this to dry skinned beauties. Oily skinned girls can give this a try.

Since my skin needs extra moisture, I will never buy this one again…!!!

Have a happy weekend pretty,

Pallavi ❤

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