FabIndia Foot Cream Avocado, best pick or not???

Morning beautiful,

Do you also love those mornings where you wake up naturally…???  When you don’t have to snooze the alarm for the extra sleep…??? It’s raining heavily here. The music of the rain drops, the cool breeze making me more lazy. I am not feeling like getting out of my warm bed. A perfect lazy rainy morning…!!!

I am sure you guys too have certain beauty essentials lying near your bed. Like lip balms, night cream etc. Today I am picking up one of my sleep time essential product, my favorite foot cream from fab India, ‘fabIndia foot cream avocado’.


This is my second tub. I had used this product before too and read on to know the reason why I bought it again…!!!

What company claims?
Enriched with naturally moisturizing avocado oil and beeswax, this cream effectively moisturizes and softens dry, calloused heels and feet.



Directions for use:

290 INR for 100ml(99g)

Shelf life:
3 Years.

My experience:
I picked this up when I had realized that my dry feet need some extra care…!!! Was looking for a moisturizing and scented foot cream. (I don’t like the typical foot creams with strong aroma…!!!) So at fabIndia store, I found this foot cream. Tried the tester and immediately I fell in love with its fragrance and consistency.


‘fabIndia foot cream avocado’ comes in a white plastic tub packing. The cap is tight and there is this sturdy plastic cover in between the cap and the cream, hence there is no worries about spillage.

I like tube packing over tub one. Because in tube packing you don’t have to dip your fingers to take out the product. I find tube one more hygienic.

Consistency and fragrance:

This white cream’s fragrance is so mild, soothing and refreshing. It will instantly calms you down.


The consistency is neither runny, nor thick. It glides like magic. It gets absorbed into skin fast. Little goes long way, hence product lasts quite long.

Is it moisturizing?

As I mentioned earlier, my feet were really dry. Looking like grand mum’s feet. *nightmare* I applied this cream on my cleaned feet,before going to bed and wore socks to seal in the moisture. The next morning I could see the difference. My feet were looking much much better. The cream is really moisturizing. You can see the difference in the first use itself…!!! *Happy me*


Added + point, this product is animal friendly. Its not been tested on animals. *angel smile*


This is available in all fabIndia stores and online as well.

Pros of ‘fabIndia foot cream avocado’:
1. Very moisturizing foot cream.
2. Soothing mild fragrance.
3. Consistency is nice and application is easy.
4. Little goes long way.
5. Travel friendly packing.
6. Not tested on animals
7. Affordable.
8. Availability.

Cons of ‘fabIndia foot cream avocado’:
1. Non hygienic tub packing.
2. Contains paraben.

My GirlyPedia rating: 4/5

I am very happy with my purchase. If you want to treat your dry feet, I would suggest you to try this.

This is my second tub. I am sure I will buy this again once I finish this.

Enjoy your lazy breezy weekend like me… *wink*

Pallavi ❤


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