For Those Who Love Rain and Makeup…!!!

Hey you,

Its monsoon here in India. Mother earth is getting prettier day by day…!!!  Its such a pleasant environment out here. Eating some good hot food while listening to rain droplets, in the chilled weather is just seems perfect.




I know, almost everyone love getting drenched in rain. But there are some people who worry about their makeup while enjoying the rain.  Here is a post for all those makeup lovers.

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1. Matte finish is well suited for monsoons since they settle very well.
2. Opt for matte finish primer over gloss finish one.
3. Use pressed powder to prepare your skin instead of foundation.
4. Use good scrub to keep the dead cells away.
5. Oily skinned beauties use good astringent and dry skin beauties can use good toner to clean the pores.
6. Its recommended for oily skin,to wash face regularly to minimize the oil content.
7. Use oil free moisturizer.
8. Use oil/ water based moisturizer.
9. If you are a ‘blush’ addict, keep it as light as possible. Light pink/ brown shade are best suited for monsoons.
10. Keep your eyebrows in shape with regular threading. You can also use gel to keep them in place.
11. You should avoid using eyebrow pencils if you are going out in rain.

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1. Water proof makeup products are the saviors. Go for waterproof one to avoid those panda eyes…!!!
2. Kajal – Pick any long lasting/ smudge proof one.
3. Mascara – Pick a waterproof/ transparent one.
4. Eye liner – I would recommend a waterproof gel based eye liner.
5. Eye shadow – Eye shadow gets drooped up easily in rain. Cream eye shadows are well suited in this season.

Lip stains are our best friends during rains. They are long lasting and doesn’t bleed.

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  1. Your hair becomes limp and damp during rainy season. Hence try to keep your hairstyle simple.
    2. Wash your hair twice or thrice in a week with moisturizing shampoo to keep it clean and free from dandruff.
    3. Dry your hair completely, before doing any kind of hairstyle.
    4. Choose live in conditioners over serum. Serum may make your hair look more damp.
    5. Give your hair a nice hot oil massage treatment once in every week.
    6. Avoid using hair spray or gel. They will worsen the hair texture.
    7. If you are long haired beauty, tie your tresses in a top knot while stepping out.
    8. Girls who flaunt short hair styles doesn’t have to worry much. Their short tresses take less time to get dry and bounce back to their shape.


Clothes and Accessories:
1. Denims are no no for rainy. Its time to bring out those cotton or lighter fabrics from your wardrobe. Even if they get wet, they dry quickly.
2. You can add bright accessories in rains. But, minimum is more.
3. Umbrellas/ rain coats / shoes are the accessories with which you can play ‘fashion game’ in this season.
4. There are multiple varieties of colorful umbrellas/ rain coats available. Grab one.
5. Its time to say bye bye to your leather shoes. Its time to flaunt some colorful sneakers and sandals.

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Handbag essentials:
Along with waterproof makeup which might need for touch ups, keep below things too in your hand bag.
1. Small bottle of hand sanitizer.
2. Blotting papers.

So my dear makeup lover, I hope you find these tips useful to enjoy monsoon to the fullest… *wink*

Pallavi ❤

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