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Some of the Magical Beauty Benefits of Roses…!!!

Hey Pretty,

I had a super busy week…!!! I missed being here, in my girly world…!!! How was your week…??? Thankfully, our favorite days in a week, ‘Saturday, Sunday’ are here…!!! What’s your plan for the weekend.?? If you are planning to have some ‘ME’ time, here are some beautiful tips for a beautiful you…!!!

We girls are so much fascinated by flowers. Aren’t we???  Even though the life span of a flower is so short, it serves its purpose for sure. I become sooo happy looking at these beautiful flowers…!!! Don’t you???
So, let me ask you an obvious question now… Which is your favorite flower??? Which flower makes you blush… ??? For me; and I guess for most of us, its ‘Red Rose’… !!! They are so lovely, delicate and pretty… !!! Is it your favorite too??? If so *high five* *wink*


Do you know , these beautiful looking roses can make you look more beautiful??? In the first place, it makes us smile/ blush which  makes us look prettier. (Obvious one right?). *hehe* We can even include these beautiful petals in our daily routine to get more beauty benefits. Wanna know how??? Read on.. *smile*

1. By Using Magic water – ‘Rose water’:

How to prepare rose water at home:
1. Dip rose petals in a bowl of water.
2. Boil the water.
3. Don’t forget to cover the bowl with a plate. (This will prevent rose water from evaporating.)
4. After 10-15 min, let the water cool.
5. You can store this in fridge and use it daily.

Uses of Rose water:
1. Rose water acts as toner. It removes makeup and dirt.
2. It soothes skin…!!!
3. Oil content in rose, helps in nourishing the skin.
4. Roses are rich in vitamin C. Hence, it acts as sunblock.
5. It is a blessing for sensitive skin beauties. It helps to fight acne.
6. You can say ‘bye bye’ to dark circles by using rose water.
7. Rose water can be used to nourish scalp.
8. This is well known use. Roses can lift up your mood.
9. Put few drops of pure rose water into your eyes for better vision.

2. Rose oil:
Its also known as attar. It is extracted by the distillation of rose petals.


Uses of Rose Oil:
1. It helps in curing the acne. Just dab some rose oil on the scar 2-3 times in a day. Soon your acne will be cured..!!! *Happy news*
2. It is useful in curing the inflammation.
3. It has anti bacterial properties. But it should not be applied directly on open wounds.
4. Had a bad day?? Stressed??? angry??? all you have to do is put few drops of rose oil into your bath tub and have a relaxing bathing time. I am sure you ll be as fresh as rose.
5. You can also drop few drops of rose oil on your pillow before going to bed, to have a sound sleep.
6. You can mix rose oil in your body/ face cream to get most of it.

3. Rose Petals:
Good news is, you don’t have to spend time preparing rose water or run to buy rose oil. Raw rose petals are equally beneficial…!!!


Some of the Uses of petals:
1. Chew some cleaned rose petals in the morning. This will remove the bad mouth odor and also makes your teeth stronger. *Bright smile*
2. Do you suffer from mouth ulcers like I do???  *sob sob* This is my tried and tested tip. Chew some rose petals to cure the ulcers. Within a day or two, ulcers will be gone..!!! Rose petals are my hero when it comes to curing these painful ulcers.
3. Consuming rose petals also makes your bones stronger..!!!
4. Do you know, rose petal paste can cure headache. You just have to make rose petal paste by grinding it. Apply it over forehead to get instant relief.
5. There are multiple rose petal face packs available. You can prepare some at home. Some of them are:

a. Rose and honey face pack:
This is super beneficial for dry skin. The both ingredients are moisturizing. Crush the rose petals*ouch* and grind them. Add honey to make a thick paste. Apply it on your face and wash after sometime.
b. Rose and yogurt:
This helps in improving complexion. Make a thick paste of rose and yogurt and apply it on face, before washing it with cold water after a while.
c. Rose and multani mitti(Fuller’s earth):
This face pack is good for normal to oil skinned beauties. Rose is moisturizing and where as multani mitti (Fuller’s earth) is good to control oil level. Add water to make a thick paste out of these 2 ingredients.

Do try this tips this weekend and also let me know tips if you know, other than these… Would love to hear from you…!!!

Have a happy weekend  Dearie…!!!

Keep glowing,
Pallavi ❤

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