For A Beauty Sleep…!!!

Hey Princess,

How was your day??? No matter how busy/ hectic/ tiring/sad your day was, always make sure to do at least one little thing which makes you happy…!!! It might be reading a book, sing your favorite song, writing poems, watching movies or spend time with your loved ones… Along with these, I love writing here at myGirlypedia and my bed time beauty rituals…!!!

No matter how lazy you are, I would suggest you to spend a little time for yourself before hitting the bed. Being a little lazy girl myself, I can share you a tip to make it a liiiitle easier… Keep the things which I am gonna list down, near your bed. You can follow these rituals while sitting on your cozy bed…!!!


PS: You need to drag yourself to wash basin to wash your face first…!!! You can’t go to bed with makeup on, remember???

umm I have a solution for this too…!!! You can use the #1 item I have mentioned in the list below. *wink*

So, here are the few bed time rituals you can follow:

  1. Wet wipes:

On those nights, when you are tooo lazy to drag yourself up and still worried about your skin, grab a wet wipe and wipe out all the dirt and makeup from your face…!!! Sounds easy???


  1. Night cream:

Skin rejuvenate while you are sleeping. A night cream can make this process more useful and result… ‘Tada a fresh looking beautiful skin…!!!’


  1. Lip balm:

Who wants to wake up with soft lips??? I can hear you saying, me.. *wink* All you need is to apply a good moisturizing lip balm before going to sleep…!!!


  1. Hair band:

You need to tie your tresses in a bun using a hair band. This will avoid them to fall on your face and also prevents tangling.


  1. Hand cream:

You don’t like your hands to look like  your grandma’s right??? Choose a nice hand cream and wake up with youthful and soft hands. FabIndia Hand cream is my favorite.

how-to-get-soft-hands (1)

  1. Foot Cream:

Most of us tend to forget taking care of our feet. I have seen well dressed women with cracked heels. It doesn’t look good sweetheart…!!! Its very simple, grab a moisturizing foot cream and make your feet a happy ones by applying it. You can have a look at the foot cream which I use, here.


  1. Socks: 

This is essential if you are using a foot cream. This will help in locking the moisture and also keeps your bed clean..!!!

topshop sock moodboard

  1. A cute sleeping mask:

This is optional. If you sleep in a room with lights on, you can wear this to have a sound sleep.


These are the some of the beauty rituals you need to try before surrendering yourself to sweet dreams…!!!

Hope you have a good beauty sleep, princess…!!!


Pallavi ❤

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