A Dozen Reasons Why We Love Chandler Bing…!!!

Hey You,
I know its been really a long time…!!! How’s life treating you??? I am refreshed by my last trip to the magical land ‘Leh Ladak‘…!!! It was in my bucket list and finally got a chance to visit there. Its just mesmerizing. I will be writing posts about my trip soon…!!!

Raise your hand if you are a fan of the beautiful series, ‘FRIENDS‘…!!! I am a huge fan too…!!! *high five*

Did you know, yesterday was birthday of the most cute, funny, loving actor of FRIENDS, ‘Matthew Perry‘…??? He turned 47 yesterday…

Belated Birthday Wishes to My Love, Chandler…!!! (I just love him…!!!)

Mathew, popularly know as ‘Chandler Bing’ of FRIENDS. Chandler, is the ideal friend, lover, husband with an amazing sense of humor… He is so charming and he never fails to make you fall in love with him…!!!

I wanted to but couldn’t post this yesterday on his birthday… *sob* Well, its better be late than never right??? So here are some of the reasons for which we can not stop loving Chandler Bing…!!!

1. Awww His Smile:
Look at that sweet cute smile…!!! This is enough for the love at first sight…!!! That smile can melt away all the negative vibes around you… and make you *blush*


2. His Sense of Humor:
He has the best sense of humor. His timings, lines are just amazing…!!! *Love*

giphy (1)

3. His Expressions:
In some situations, his expressions are more than enough for you to laugh out loud. *Funny Guy*

4. His Dance Moves:
Hehe even though he is a pathetic dancer, he looks adorable when he dances…!!! Don’t he??? *Cute*


5. He Very Caring and Responsible Friend:
Chandler used to bear all expenses of Joe and took care of him in every single way…!!! Who does that??? *Friendship Goals*

tumblr_m2trrmuNz91r3ey0mo1_500giphy (12)

6. He isn’t Afraid to Say What He Feels:
He confesses whatever he feels. Even if he is nervous, he isn’t afraid to let people know that…!!! *Honest*

7. He Love Pets:
Remember his pets, the duck and the hen??? He used to give them bath, read story…!!! Awwww cuteness overloaded…!!!

giphy (15)

8. A Childish Side of Him:
The childish games which Joe and Chandler used to play to pass their time were so hilarious…!!! I love the child in him…!!! I am sure many girls do..!!! *Sweet*

9. His Love for Monica:
I must say, I am so damn jealous of Monica…!!! The scene in which he confesses his love for her for the first time, made me fall for him more…!!! (I am sure many girls feel the same…!!!)

giphy (4)


10. The Way He Proposed Monica:
I am sure there are many girls like me, who were secretly wishing if they were Monica…!!! The way he proposed her is soooo romantic…!!! *Why are you so cute*


11. The Way He Handles Monica…!!!
All FRIENDS’ fans know how bossy Monica can be some times. But Chandler handles her so well…!!! Remember when she gets to know, she is the worst masseuse the way he makes her happy by saying “You are the best worst masseuse in the world”..!!! How brilliant is that??? haha *bOYfRIEND gOALS*

12. He is Sensible:
The conversation between him and the girl who is the surrogate mother of their child, made us realize how sensible and mature Chandler is…!!! The way he convinces her to let them adopt the baby, just amazing and heart warming…!!! Agree girls???? *I love you Chandler*


I am sure all the girls who love Chandler Bing, adore and agree to these points…!!! If you haven’t watched the series,  do watch it and I am sure you will fall in love with every character and especially this guy…!!!
Cheers to Chandler Bing’s fans…!!!


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