Beautiful Day At Matoshree Old Age Home…!!!

Hey You,
Getting ready to rock and roll this Diwali??? Ready with ‘The plan’??? Which outfit to wear, what to eat, how to celebrate??? I have kick started this Diwali with an amazing note. I would like to share my happiness with you… My dear beautiful reader.

Few days back, I had got an email on my office ID. (I usually ignore the event related emails which I get.) But, what caught my attention was the subject line… which read ‘Earn Blessings’…!!! That email was for asking us to join our company’s event organising team, to visit an old age home. Next thing I did, hit the link to register. Wow.. I was excited/thrilled to join them for this cause.

Diwali brings happiness everywhere. Every house will be decorated with lights. No matter how poor/rich people are, they don’t miss to decorate their home. They will light up at least one diya to add that charm to their home. But, unfortunately there are some beautiful souls, who doesn’t really have family or loved ones around with whom they could celebrate their ‘family time’…!!! This Diwali, I wanted to bring lights to the hearts of those souls, in my own little way. I just did and I want to you to experience this happiness once. I have no much words to explain my experience. But, I will try to put my happiness in few words.

We were asked to get some decorative items by our organizers to decorate grand pa’s and ma’s rooms. So me along with couple of my friends bought some lanterns(some big and some small – PS: You will get to know why I am mentioning size here when you read on). When we entered the premise, there was an old man who guided us to the vehicle parking with a genuine smile.

The premise was quite, neat and peaceful. We got the instructions to decorate the rooms of elderly ladies. When we turned to look at the   rooms which we were supposed to decorate, all I could see was these angels looking at us with so much hopes and happiness. I could feel the warm in their eyes. As we entered the wing(all the rooms allotted to elderly ladies), they welcomed us with such a warm smile.

We started wishing them happy diwali and started with decoration. I had lanterns in my hand. One of the grand ma came and she said the big lanterns are nice please decorate my room with this. She grabbed one  of them and took me to her room. I remember the thing which I had read some where, that as we grow old we tend to behave like a child. I felt that by their innocence. I decorated their rooms happily with their choice of lanterns. They were all around me asking me to decorate their rooms first. haha  While doing this, I found this beauty. Look at her smile. Isn’t she so cute and beautiful…!!


She asked me to come to her room as she was eager to get her room decorated(sweet I say…!!!) I had to climb chair to put the lanterns. As I climbed down, she said “Thank you Rani(Queen)” in such a cute way with this beauuutifuuullll smile. Awwww… She is my ‘gorgeous’… kissie

They were so happy, one of them even told us “Now I am feeling this is Diwali season. Not because you guys are decorating our rooms but you guys came here to see us. ” My eyes were wet when I heard that. (Even now, while writing this down. ) I heard one of the grand ma talking over phone. She was saying to the person on the other end, “Many people are here today to see us. They are decorating our rooms. Feeling so good to see so many new young people.” Her smile on face was priceless…!!!

We cleaned the floors and drew some rangoli. Here are some pics. (Sorry, for the low clarity photos. But I like clicking pics for memories so, clarity/ angle doesn’t really matter to me.  wink)

My hands were colorful after drawing session, one of the grand ma asked me to touch my cheeks with my hand. (So cute and mischievous). This is her. Mischievous yet cute granny.
I clicked some selfies to capture the sweet smiles of some of sweet granny. Some were so amazed to see themselves in mobile..!! (Innocence again…!!!)

Look she is so surprised to see herself..!!!

We visited each and every room and wished everyone a very happy Diwali. Trust me I never got so many happy wishes in a bunch till date. Each and everyone were so happy when we wished them. Here are some of the photos of ‘cool boys’ I met there. They were playing carom. When I wished them they wished me and said “Hamare liye tho roz Diwali hai (For us, everyday is Diwali)” … They were so chilled out. Adorable I say…!!!
They thanked us for visiting. But, they don’t know how much we are thankful to them to making us feel good about ourselves. My ‘gorgeous’ told me, “Thank you rani for comming. I can’t climb up chair like you do. Come again” … I told her thank you from bottom of my heart for being such a sweet heart.


We had to leave the premise by 6 PM as we had to go back to our ‘office’. (Sad na) I didn’t wanted to leave them. But, I had to. I have promised myself and of course my ‘gorgeous’ that I will visit them again. I have some where found my late granny in them whom I miss immensely. I feel, I started seeing my life with different perspective.

We are blessed with every thing we need. Still we greed for things we don’t have. At the EOD,the harsh truth is most of them are the left out/ abended souls. Each one of them have their different stories. They might have been so beautiful/rich in their young age. They might or might not have their children/ grand children. If they do, they must have took care of their children so well. But, unfortunately their children left them here at the age, when they need their children the most. We don’t know how many of them live with the hope to see and live with their family again. We don’t know how many of these smiling faces, cry oneself to sleep. We don’t know who has health issues. We don’t know what their wish is. What inspired me was, no matter what their story was, they never forgot to smile. Their smiles light up my heart with happiness.

You don’t need to be beautiful/ rich/ famous to make someone happy. Spread smiles, talk to them with love. Present them the most valuable gifts – Time and love. Trust me, your heart will be so happy and you get to see life in a different way.

This Diwali, while dressing up, meeting family, having delicious food, cracking fireworks, do remember these beautiful souls who are missing their families. While quarreling with siblings and complaining about the gifts to your parents, think of these people who do not have family. Think of the hopes and wishes in their eyes. Think of bringing some happiness in their lives by just being their for them. Spread love and be an angel in someone’s life. I started my Diwali with this happy note, have you???

Have A Happy and Meaningful Diwali…!!!

Pallavi ❤

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