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10 Reasons Why We Love Birthday Boy Srk… !!! 

Hey you,

You know who’s birthday today???  My favorite,  King of romance,  Shahrukh khan…!!!  Yes today is his 51st birthday…  He is definitely the love of many girl’s life… If someone asks me which is my favorite movie of SRK,  it’s definitely Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge.  I have saved that  movie in my cell phone.  I fall in love with his character Raj all over again ,  whenever I watch the movie. So,  today’s post is for him… My love SRK…   The cute,  romantic birthday boy ever…

Even though there are plenty reasons why we love him,  here are the some which I could list. 

  1. Awww that cute dimple smile… 

Especially in the iconic ‘Palat’ scene…  I loveeeee that smile…  
2. That iconic pose of his… 

Every SRK fan go awww when he does that…  

  1. His dialogue delivery… 

He can make even a lame sentence sound amazing… Srk has the magic of adding life to words…  He made a guest appearance in the recently released ae dil hai mushkil..  But he stole our hearts with his heart touching dialogue and acting in that one scene. 
4. Variety of characters he plays

From a Grey shade in Darr to lover boy Dev of Devdas.. .  He is just perfect… He can make you cry (just like he did in ‘Kal ho na ho’…)  or go weak on knees (in most of his films,  after all he is king of romance)…  

  1. His own love story .. 

He is married to Gauri since twenty five years…  I must say,  they are one of the time tested true lovers.  
6. Self made man

He didn’t had any God father in the industry..  He had a struggling period before becoming the king khan…  He used to act in serials like fauji and circus before entering bollywood… 

  1. He is an inspiring speaker… 

His struggle and success story is truly inspiring…  He is an excellent speaker and gave a lot of inspiring speech to students and aspiring actors… He is one among those inspiring successful famous icons,  whose wax statue is been made and placed at madame tussauds. 
8. Respect for different religions

He is a Muslim by religion.  Married to Gauri, who is a Hindu.  These adorable couple owns a film production company.  Red chillis.  The logo has 786 and OM.  786 stands for ‘bism illāh ir-raḥmān ir-raḥīm’.  Means,  in the name of Allah…  Om is a sacred term in various religions… 
9. His respect for women… 

He is undoubtedly a gentleman…  Have you noticed that his name is displayed after displaying heroine’s name in the movie??  Because he insist the producers to do so.  His small step towards gender equality is truly commendable. 
10. He loves being himself… 

Be it an award show or any interview,  he just love being himself.  This impresses us more.  His witty sarcastic replies add more charm to him.  

Loads of love and wish you a veryyyy happyyyy birthday king khan…  😘


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