Tips to Save Money While Shopping…!!! 

Hey you,

If you have been reading my posts here, by this time  you might have guessed that I am a shopaholic. All I want is everything…   Yes I am a shopaholic… Ummm I have a better word,  I’m an artist…  Shopping is nothing less than an art after all…  I can hear you chuckle and say yes…  *wink *

To be a fine artist,  there are certain tricks and rules to be followed….  I have got some tricks to be a good shopper,  oops artist. .. !!

  1.  Try to avoid stocking up

I know this is a bit difficult for shopaholic like me…  I have this tendency of stocking up stuffs (I don’t even use, most of them…  That’s a different story) I have started to get rid of this habit of mine…  It’s difficult but I know  I have to…  If you too are in same category,  give me *high five * and let’s do this… !!!

2.  Subscribe to news letter

Be it any shopping site,  you have the privilege to subscribe to their news letter / email.  These keep you updated with upcoming or on going sales on their sites…  Sales are the best time to stock up your beauty essentials… Saving those extra money will definitely bring that happy smile on your face…

  1.  Buying samples or trying testers

If you want to try some new product and you are unsure about how that turns out to be,  go for trail packs or samples.  Trying them will make you know about the product in a better way.  It will definitely save you from buying that expensive product which does not even suits you…

  1.  Google

We live in this digital world…  One touch and you get plenty of information through your smart phones.  Try to get the review of the products before trying them on your skin.

  1. Buy bigger bottles

Sounds so good na… Ahhh shopping…  It’s heavenly…  Ahmmm back to the point..  If you want to buy a regular product,  go for bigger bottles…  It’s cheaper than the tiny bottles. happy saving

  1. Multipurpose products

Instead of buying three different products serving three different purposes,  go for a single product which serves all three purposes.  Sounds cool??  It’s cooler to your pocket too.  *wink *

  1. Coupons never hurt

When you are buying products online,  try to search appropriate coupons over the net.  Most of them coupons from couponduniya. Com do work for me.  You too try it,  beautiful…

  1. Cutting down the shipping cost

I know shipping costs for the cosmetics bought online,  are pain…  sob But,  good news is almost every shopping site has a limit after which your bought products will be shipped free of cost…  List down the things you really need and buy them in single go,  to save those extra penny.  Make sure,  you don’t end up wasting money on products you don’t need in order to save the shipping charges.

  1. Compare before buying

If you are buying from the shops,  prefer the whole sale dealers.  If you are buying online,  do compare the price of product at different shopping sites.  Buy the convenient one.

  1. Try on before buying

Recently,  I bought a top from.  I was so damn confident that small size will be perfect on me,  I bought it without even trying it.  When I came home and tried,  I realized we are not as thin as we think we are..!!!  In order to avoid wasting money on outfits which doesn’t even fit,  try it on and buy it.

So,  these were some of the tips which will help you for your next haul…!!!

Keep shopping…  After all,  world seems better when you shop…  Right???

Pallavi 💄

Author: Mygirlypedia

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