Things You Got to Know About Detox Water…


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Hows my favorite season- winter, treating you…??? I was tooooo busy with my work stuffs and weekend was totally enjoyed with friends and family. I am so sorry I could not write much here. Its better late than never right???

Who doesn’t like a fit toned body??? You know what every girl’s biggest dream/ a secret wish is??? MAC cosmetic??? naaa… Prince charm??? naaaa…. Its, “Eat whatever she wants without getting fat” wink So, today I have a quick post, with easy breezy weight loss tip for you girls. And yes, its a tasty one too.Wanna know about it??? Read on. smile


What is Detox water???

Its also called infused water/ flavored water. These are inexpensive,tasty, fruit flavored water with almost zero calories. These can generally be any combination of fruits, vegetables, and herbs immersed in cold water.

Which fruits or vegetables can be used for detox water?

Any of the below fruit/vegetable or combination of these will work magic.

How to Prepare flavored water?

Chop fruit of your choice into small slice. Smaller the size, more advantages. Pour the slices in a bottle, pour cold water/normal water. Keep the bottle in the refrigerator over night. The vitamin in the fruit/vegetables get infused in the water. Making the water a magical one for skin. You can use this water for couple of days. Provided, the bottle is refrigerated both the days.

You can add honey, if you didn’t like the taste of it.  Avoid sugar to get maximum benefits . 


  1. Good for skin. Vitamin in the fruits and water= more hydration. Result??? #GlowingSkin
  2. Weight loss. Yeahhh…!!! Main purpose solved.
  3. It increases metabolic rate thus burns fat faster.
  4. The aromatic properties of water, acts as stress reliever.
  5. As the name suggests, it helps in flushing out toxins from body.
  6. It helps to keep you fuller longer
  7. It provides more hydration. Thus soothes headaches and migraines brought on by dehydration
  8. Helps in easing PMS symptoms and cramps
  9. Improves our overall mood. So, #HappyYou.
  10. Healthy substitute for other unhealthy drinks.


I have been drinking this since last couple of days.Till now, I have tried single flavored water. You can join me in the mission ‘detoxifying’ by having a look at my detox water menu on my instagram page.

Do follow this easy yet effective regime to get a glowing skin and a fit body.

Take care and enjoy winter…!!!


Pallavi ❤