Few ways to make your day happier… !!! 

Hey pretty you, 

How’s life…  How’s 2017 treating you… ??? No matter how others treat you,  don’t forget to treat yourself in the best way possible… !!! 

So, let me tell you few ways by which you can make yourself feel the best…  

PS:These are tried and tested tips dearie…!!! 

  1. Do not start your day with your mobile 

Yes you heard it right.  Do not start your day by checking social media posts. Those social media posts…  Status updates…  Do they any good to you…??? Na…  I don’t think so. 

  1. Start your day with a bright smile 
    Whisper this to your self –  “today is gonna be a gorgeous day just like me”…


  1. Enjoy your morning with your favorite music… 

They say that,  music can heal the soul…  So start the day by feeding your soul… 

4.Dress up gal..!!! 

  No matter what,  get up dress up…  Trust me,  you ll feel much better. 

  1. If your workplace is at walkable distance, take a walk instead of commuting by a vehicle. 

  1. Treat yourself to a good breakfast. 

  1. Decorate your workplace the way you like.  I have a Buddha statue at my desk.  He reminds me to stay calm and happy. 

  1. Try and do a selfless help to someone. That’s makes you feel proud of yourself. 

  1. Make sure you enjoy ‘me time’  everyday.  

No matter whats the duration of that ‘me time’ is, do enjoy that lone time doing things which make you feel happy for your existence. 

  1. Always end your day on a lighter and a happy note. 

Tell your self… tomorrow is gonna be more awesome than today.  

I hope you try these tomorrow to make your Monday a better one…  *wink *

Keep smiling…  😊 Never let the world change that smile…  

Pallavi ❤️

Author: Mygirlypedia

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