Home Remedies For Facial Dark Spots

Hey My Pretty Reader,
Today’s post is for all those ladies who are facing issues due to tiny dark spots on face. They are normally due to hormonal imbalance/ facial hair removal/ pimple scars or due to excess exposure to sun. No worries… We, mygirlypedia have some good home remedies for lightning those nasty spots.

  •  Curd/ buttermilk:

You have one more natural bleach in your kitchen. Yes, curd…!!! You can apply curd or buttermilk on spots to say bye bye to them.



  • Lemon juice:

Lemon juice is known for its bleaching properties. Squeeze out good amount of lemon juice and apply directly on the spots. Leave it for good 10-15 minutes and wash with water.

More beauty benefits of this magical juice here.



  • Tomato Juice:

Those cute tomatoes are not only tasty, they are also helpful in our beauty regime. Tomato juice is also helpful in lightning the dark spots.


  • Potato Juice:

Grate potato slices and apply the juice on the spots.


  • Potato and Honey:

Potato juice and honey will also lighten spots and moisturize the skin.


  • Potato and Lemon juice:

Mix lemon and potato juice to get more effective results.


  • Alovera:

Along with the hair growth and conditioning benefits, alovera also helps in soothing the skin. All you need to do is, peel off a alovera leaf and apply that gel on the spots, leave for 15-20 minutes before washing it with water.



  • Sandalwood paste:

You can mix either water or milk with sandalwood to make a paste. Regular application of the paste on spots will fade them away.



  • Turmeric:

How can we forget our ‘Ayurveda’ medicine. Mix turmeric with good amount of turmeric and honey. Apply this magical paste to fade those spots.




  • Papaya:

This is my favorite. It tastes good as well as acts very good on skin when applied. You just need to apply ripe papaya pulp on effected area and leave it to dry. Wash with water and repeat this for the desired results.


Special Notes for a special You:
1.If you have dry skin or open pores, avoid applying it directly since it gives you burning sensation.
2. Home remedies are effective and with no side effects. But yo don’t get to see the results in a day. It do take some time. Patience is the key honey.
3. If you are allergic to any of the above, don’t try. My mom is allergic to honey. So, any home remedy with honey is a big no no for her.
4. Instead of applying steroids on your face, do try out any of the home remedies.
5. You are special, you are worth those 5 minutes you spend preparing the recipes mentioned. wink
Do share other remedies, if you know any… !!! I would love to know…

Keep Taking Care of yourself,
Pallavi Bhat

Author: Mygirlypedia

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6 thoughts on “Home Remedies For Facial Dark Spots”

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  2. Apple cider vinegar can also be an effective remedy for dark spots. I have used this method to heal dark spots and it works effectively. My skin looks clear and fresh now.


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