Happy Day Woman…!!!

Hey Pretty woman,

The whole world is celebrating “you” today. Are you celebrating yourself everyday???

Its good that a day is explicitly reserved for the world to celebrate the sacrifices and love they get by the ladies in their lives… but why only a single day??? When we can celebrate it every day.

When I say ‘celebration’ I don’t mean a party/ gift. Ummm gift yes… But a gift which money cant buy. Respect/equality/love/care/happiness. Every single lady is worth showered with these beautiful gifts. After all we are the source of unconditional love and care. Yet times, even that source needs some kind of refill to give its best. right??? A little pampering and appreciation doesn’t harm anyone.

I feel instead of celebrating on one particular day, why don’t we work on making a better day for every ladies. Unfortunately even today, our roads are not safe for girls. A girl has no right to wear what she wants. Forget about wearing and living the way she wants to, there are still people who are not willing to give birth to a girl child. Taking birth is just a start of fight. Especially in India, everyday is a struggle for a girl. Parents teach their gal how to dress and behave in society instead of teaching their sons how to respect a girl. A girl is judged by the clothes she wears, her skin color, the makeup she chooses, the time she comes back home, with whom she hangs out, marital status .. and the list goes on and on.

Forget about men, even a woman doesn’t supports another woman. A lady has to fight with every single person yet times, for her own existence. When we can make our lives better by helping each other, why are we pulling each other down??? Why do we even judge a girl when you don’t know what all she is going through.

So, if we think of making a better place for ladies, start with your home. Raise a gentleman not just a man who thinks beating / dominating a lady is all about being manly. Be good to yourself and with other women. By respecting other women you are somewhere fighting for yourself and for your better future. Be good to yourself and to others. Making yourself a priority is not selfishness its self care.

You might have heard about lot of inspiring women today. Not only today, whenever you are thought about or reminded about inspiring women, do not forget to include the most important women for your existence – Mom. You have no clue what all sacrifices that one lady has done to raise you. You have no clue how much tears she has shed when you were in pain. Only lady, for whom you are the world. No matter how you look, what you do. Appreciate her and celebrate her every single day.

Never forget, every girl has a warrior in herself. Whether you know it or no girl, you are a born warrior. You have all the potentials to win the battle of life. You just have to discover your strengths. Are you asking about how to wash away your weakness?? You don’t really have to. There is this dialogue from the famous series Game of Thrones – “Wear your weakness like armor” When you analyse your weaknesses and you know how to use them, you are the ‘winner’. applaud Hence, never forget to add your name too in the list of most inspiring ladies you know.

Feel good in your own skin… What if you are not in the ‘ideal size’ defined by the colony aunties, what if you are not married ‘at specified age’, what if you are not ‘doctor/engineer’, what if your skin is not ‘fair’, what if… whatever it is. Be your own hero. On this special day, go and stand in front of mirror and give that beautiful smile of yours. To that one person… who was, is and will always be with you. Promise her that you will never let her down and never let her lose in the battle of life. Promise her that you will make her proud one day and celebrate her everyday.

Keep smiling and stay happy…
Make Happy days Woman…!!! For yourself an to everyone whom you care…

Author: Mygirlypedia

Encyclopedia of A Girly Girl...

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