Lip Art…!!! 


Today’s post is a fun,  innovative  and slightly different one…  I feel makeup is a form of art.  I know there are people who raise their eyebrow for this statement.  But yes I really feel who are good at makeup they are truly artists. You might have heard about nail art…  Have you heard about lip Art???  

Lip Art is all about enhancing lips’ beauty.  I have come across an Instagram account of this amazing artist,  who does these amazingly innovative lip arts.  Do check some of her creations. 

I hope you will enjoy them. 

  • cartoon gal never looked this cute

  • disco lights on lips 

  • This is my favorite…  Girly…  

  • Bleed Blue

  • Who loves pearls???  I do…!!! 

  • Royal blue #love

  • Oh those droplets…!!! 

  • It’s all about roses and hearts

  • Bleeding heart never looked that beautiful. .. 

  • Red diamonds… !!! 

  • Wishing new year by lip Art

  • Melted

  • Feminine 

  • Falling Stars

  • Gold…..!!!! 

  •  Truly an artist

  • Cherry on lips…  

  •  Honey…  On my lips…  *wink *

  • Polka dots

  • Halloween 

  • Bling

You can check more lip arts of hers on her Instagram page.  Do follow her for latest updates

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