How to Store Perfumes Right…


Most happy and hopeful day is here… Friday is here…!!! Whats your plans for the weekend??? Ummm I am not sure about weekend plans, but gonna have my spa day for sure..

People who know me also know that I am a perfume freak. Even at my work place, people call me smell bomb… I always end up correcting them ‘Fragrance bomb’ would sound much better. giggle

Everyone has got their own kind of perfumes. Some like strong one… Some like Milder ones, some like fruity, some like floral. Well, I love something mild, floral/fruity, sweet fragrance… I always always end up buying perfumes even though I have a huge collection of them. I every time tell myself that “this is going to be last one. I ‘ll buy my next perfume once I finish all my stock”. But, I always end up buying a perfume whom I can not forget after smelling it. I try to resist but the very next day it will be added to my collection. #ConfessionOfShopaholic
So, when I love them so much, of course I do take care of them. Here is a quick post about how to store your darling perfumes, so that they last long.

  • Store them in a place with no/less humidity
    Humidity effects the quality of perfume. Choose a cool dark place to store your perfumes.

  • Closet is an ideal place to store.
    I have this shelf in my closet reserved for my perfumes. Closet is free from light and usually has a consistent cooler temperature.

  • Storing perfume in bathroom??? No…!!!
    Spraying perfume right after the shower, is the best practice to make perfume last long. But, it effects the perfume’s quality. So, if you have been storing them in bathroom, take them away..!!!

  • Store them inside box.
    Box will protect them further from sunlight and heat. Hence storing them in a box would be preferred.

  • Take care of the cap:
    You won’t really get to know the importance of the cap of the perfume unless and until you break/lose them.

  • Avoid keeping those fragile glass bottles on higher shelves.
    It breaks your heart seeing your favorite perfume shattered all over the floor. To avoid such accidental breakages, try to keep them on lower shelves.

You can also read my previous detailed post about perfumes  here

Hope you find these perfume tips helpful… !!! Keep sprinkling those magical fragrances and enjoy the little aroma therapy…!!!

Have A Happy Weekend My Beautiful Reader…

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