10 Things Only Kajal/Eyeliner Lovers Will Understand…!!!

Hey my beautiful reader,

If you have gone through my previous posts, you know that I am a huge lover of Kajal and eyeliner. I never step out of home without that one stroke of kajal on my eyes.

Here is a fun post for all the kajal lovers out there. Just like me, you will understand and agree to every point which I am gonna mention now.

Read on and have fun gal.

  1. Kajal is not a makeup.
    Ufff those annoying people. Who keep saying “you put on a lot of makeup” I just wanna say – “Duude… Kajal is not a makeup. Its part of our daily attire…” eye roll

  1. Stepping outside without kajal..!! no no nooo
    We manage the days when we forget wallet at home sometimes. But, stepping out of home without kajal… Na na… The kajal lovers feel so incomplete, without applying it. Its nothing less than a crime.

  1. The kajal / eyeliner collection.
    No matter how good our current eyeliner/kajal might be, the moment we hear or see “long lasting eyeliner”, how can we resist ourselves from trying that on??? Hell no… We can not stop trying our hands on those new kajal.

  1. You can not ask a gal with winged eyeliner “why are you late??”
    “Hello… Applying eyeliner is an art… It takes time to create a masterpiece… ”  wink

You can also check my post about how to apply winged eyeliner here

  1. Its not just beauty enhancer, its confidence enhancer.
    Having a bad day??? you just have to get up, dress up and a haan that one stroke of kajal/eyeliner. “Confidence level”  Increased

  1. Those days without kajal.
    If you are used to apply kajal daily like me, be prepared to face the world when you don’t apply one. People bombard you with tons of questions like -“What happened??” “Are you OK??” “Are you unwell?” “Did you cry last night???” “Tell me what happened” etc etc. Phew.. How can I say  to them that they have poor observation. Its just a kajal that is missing…!!!

  1. Mirror check
    Every time you look yourself in the mirror, first thing to check is the liner. Is it intact or it has smudged.

  1. Panda eyes
    If you are a cry baby, you usually end up looking like a panda after that tear wiping session. That is why we try our best to keep our emotions hidden, when kajal is on.

  1. Most searched thing on internet – “How to apply eyeliners differently”
    When we love trying different eyeliners, we should also know different eye makeup techniques. right gal???

  1. Black is our favorite
    We have tried different colored liners. But our love for black will never die.

My dear kajal lover, I know you said “yes” with a huge smile while reading the points. No matter what, we keep loving kajal and eyeliners from bottom our hearts.

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