Baby spa…!!!


How’s day treating you..??? Mid week huun… Almost tired.. Eagerly waiting for weekend. How about a spa??? A relaxing spa is all we need to calm down… Why should only we have fun… How about the tiny humans.. who are tired crawling, crying, burping… How about a spa treatments for these little angels???

Yep there is this spa for babies called ‘Bubby’ at Perth, Australia. This is found by 2 Indian women, who tasted success withing 11 months of opening this little heaven.

The spa involves hydro therapy and baby massages for new born to six months old babies. And yes, they have group booking facilities too..!! So that mommies can have a good ladies time while their babies enjoy their spa session.

Parents who have gifted their babies this amazing spa experience say, that the spa is highly higenic and safe for these little bundles of joy.

Checkout these cute photos to have a cute spa experience for yourself.

  • Hello there…!!!!



    • Ready to swim….!!!


Hey… Could you please give us some privacy???



I am loving it…!!!!



Mommy… look I am swimming…!!!



Keep calm… And sleep…!!!



Hey mommy… I can see you in the mirror…!!!



I know I am very cute…!!!!



We are having a great time… Are you jealous…???




You can check out their website –

I hope these ‘cuteness overloaded’ photos made your day much better…!!!!



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