Handbag Essentials for This Monsoon… 

Hey gal,

The season of rain, monsoon is here…  Ahhh I just loveee watching the rain, droplets dripping down the window… My love for my Cosy bed is getting stronger Hehe all thanks to this awesome chilled weather…  If you get to eat something hot and spicy while you enjoy the view of rain, life seems perfect.  Fells like a bliss…

Now the other part of the story…  When you step out, the traffic, water and mud on the road makes you feel uncomfortable.  Clothes don’t dry faster, that smell, unhygienic environment eeee…

There are certain things which are super essential when you step out of your comfort zone (your home) hehe this monsoon.  Here are some of those list of essentials you need for rescue.

Cute little umbrella / compact raincoat 

You never know when it’s gonna pour. Always carry a foldable, colorful  girly umbrella or a handy raincoat to save yourself from getting drenched.

Extra pair of clothes 

It’s too uncomfortable to spend whole day at work place in those wet clothes. Isn’t it??  It’s a good idea to keep a pair of clothes for a quick change to make yourself feel warm and comfortable.

Waterproof makeup 

You need to save yourself from makeup malfunction this season. In order to avoid washed off makeup, opt for waterproof makeup. Waterproof mascara, liner, compact are the must haves in your ‘makeup army’  wink

To know more about waterproof makeup, check this post.

Hand sanitizer 

Irrespective of season, do make this a must in your handbag. Before eating food, you got to sanitize your hands since many diseases spread during rainy season.

Wet wipes or face wash 

It’s advisable to keep a face wash or wet wipes to cleanup face after once you reach your workplace. This can exactly be understood by those ladies who ride to work place. The tires of vehicles moving ahead of us sprinkle that dirty water from road on our faces.  Ewww. Our skin screams for a good face wash. Hence it’s in my check list.


There will be at least one person you will come across, who is wearing stinking clothes. Clothes which don’t dry properly gonna stink a lot. Don’t worry, pull out the perfume from the handbag and sprinkle some on yourself. You are good to survive in that environment.

You can check my posts about perfumes here.

and Check how to store your perfumes here.

Water bottle

Please avoid drinking water from outside. They are not really hygienic. There are multiple diseases caused by water. Just to avoid that, keep a tiny water bottle inside your handbag.
So these are some of the essential handbag squads.  If you have them, you are a saved soul in this rainy season.  *wink *

Enjoy the monsoon…

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