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Health vit Charcoal Peel Off Mask Review… 

Hey my beautiful reader, 

Peel off masks, as the name suggests it’s applied on face and it’s removed by peeling it off the face.  Instead of washing it.  It helps in removing dead skin cells, dirt and unclog the clogged pores. When you want clean smooth skin instantly, you can opt for a peel off mask.  But I would suggest use this mask twice a week. Not more than that. 

Ok so today I am gonna review a peel off mask which I tried recently.  

Bought this from one of my favorite online cosmetics sites –  Nykaa. Com

So read on to know my experience with this mask… 

What the product claims :

Dry the cleansed area and apply the mask on desired area(avoid eyebrows and lips) peel it off after 20-30 minutes. To achieve better results, apply toner so as to tighten and cleanse the pores thoroughly. 

The packing :

It comes in a tube packing. It will take a minimal place in your handbag hence making it a travel friendly product. 

Texture :
It’s a dark black colored and very runny mask. I’m order to avoid dripping, need to apply in moderate quantity. 

Fragrance :
It has a very strong spirit smell. It’s tooooooo strong. closing my nose


350 INR for 50 gm

Shelf life :

Two years 

Ingredients :

Polyvinyl alcohol, charcoal powder, Demineral water, Acrypol ET 1(Carbomer), Perfume, Disodium EDTA. 

My take:

As I said, I opted for this as its a charcoal product. Activated Charcoal is good for detoxification of skin. It removes the dirt. Leaving the skin clean and bright. 

When I opened the tube, the strong smell stole all the thunder. Still I went ahead and applied it on my face except eyebrows and lips.  

It took really long to dry. 20-30 minutes to dry is comparatively a bit longer than usual. 
So once it was dried, I was excited to peel it off and see the results. But to my surprise, the peeling process was horribly painful. I was left with teary eyes,  clean and reddish skin.  Since I couldn’t get the courage to peel off the mask completely, I just washed it off with cold water. 

Hence I will never apply this mask again on my face. Instead, I will use it on my hands and feet to remove the tan.  wink

Mygirlypedia rating : 1/5

Will I repurchase?? 


Will I recommend this to my readers?? 



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