Kylie lip gloss – Candy k review 

Hey beautiful, 

As I had promised in my earlier post, here is the review of one of the Kylie lip glosses I bought recently. 

So, today I’m gonna review my favorite one –  Candy K. 

Read on to know more about the product and my experience with it. 

Ingredients :

Shelf life :
Not mentioned 


15 USA (Excluding Shipping charges) 


Gloss has a outer cartoon with dripping gloss design on it. 

This gloss comes in a sturd glass tube and a plastic cap. This is good for traveling too. 

I liked the dripping gloss design and the cute font in which Kylie’s name is been written on it.  


This a brush applicator with soft bristles. 

Fragrance :
It smells heavenly. Smells like a buttery candy. Yummm…!!! 

Color pay off:

This is a kind of peach n*ude shade. I love the color pay off of this gloss.  And the shine is lovely. 

Is it moisturizing?? 
Yes it is. I don’t have to use lip balm underneath this gloss and it doesn’t dry out my lips.  love

Is it transferable?? 

Yes it is. You are gonna stain the glasses and the spoons you are gonna use for your meal. face palm Hence the shine get faded with meal intake. 

Staying power :

I’m amazed by its staying power. As I said shine vanishs with meals. But the color on your lips stays really  long. It stayed like for 6-7 hours that too with meal. Lip gloss usually doesn’t lasts this long. But this one is an exception. 

Is it worth the wait, hype and money??? 
Yes. Definitely. 

Will I recommend this to my readers??? 

Yes I would love to.

Mygirlypedia rating :5/5 💋💋💋💋💋
I will soon review two more shades from my collection. 



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