Happy Hero’s Day…!!! 


It’s father’s day today. A day to celebrate the first hero of our lives. 

Just like our moms, dads also play a vital role in bringing us up.  Mom carry us insids her stomach, and dad inside his mind. He makes sure the baby will get a secure and happy future.  

The day the baby is born, the Joy in a dad’s eyes equally precious to that of a mom. The moment he holds his little bundle of joy, an unbreakable bond of a father and child becomes stronger.  

Today I would love to dedicate this post to my wonderful dad. Ummm I would say my first friend, my savior, my advisor, best bike rider, wonderful story teller, most enthusiasts and the list goes on… 

When I look back to my childhood, I can see a smiling face with dark mustache. He is my first friend and he used to sing for me and tell stories to make me sleep. Yes he is my hero my dad. 

I know you have work so hard..  Day and night… To give us the comfort we have today. You fulfilled all the wishes and beared all my tantrums. 

Being your pillion was the most happiest thing. Riding to village and accompanying you to your office. Grabbing the gifts which medical companies used to give you was my mission. I used to feel like they are Santa, getting gifts.  Haha

You accompanied me to Kinder garden. Sat with me on those little benches for couple of days. Danced with me and my new little friends there. Whenever I was tensed or feeling low, a ride and a long conversation with you used to make my mind free. It still works. You know it.  

I might not say it everyday, but thank you appa for being who you are…  Tolerating and forgiving my faults (I forgive yours too haha)…  I love you my friend…  😊

Happy Father’s day to all the Heros out there.  No matter what you do, how you look, where you work… You are special to your children… !!! 

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