How to Apply Daily Makeup… 

Hey pretty,

One of my friends was asking about daily makeup steps for office…  So today I will share some quick tips to do Daily Makeup.


Preparing the skin is the key to daily makeup.  In order to start with a clean and plain base, let’s apply primer. Primer is like a base which is used to prepare skin for a long lasting makeup.


You don’t want to look caked up right…  So in order to avoid that, let’s moisturize skin. This step is a must for dry skin and oily skinned beauties can skip this.

Foundation / day cream

This step is for hiding uneven skin tone and marks.

Foundation helps in achieving that even Skin.  You can know more about foundation here. But everyday use of foundation is not recommended.

Day creams helps in clearing face and adding glow. You can choose any day cream of your choice. Creams with SPF content are more beneficial.


Kajal is a must if you want your eyes look prominent. A single stroke of kajal over the waterline, will do the magic.


Not everyone can pull this off everyday. But eyeliner helps in defining your eyes.  You can check my post on how to draw eyeliner for its easy application. 


Mascara helps in making your eyelashes look long and thus gives you wide eyes look.

Lipstick /lip gloss 

Apply a lip balm and apply a layer of sober colored lipstick or gloss to highlight your lips.


It’s optional. But a Blush will give you an instant glow and a cute look.

So these are the few things to keep ready for everyday makeup look for your work place.

You can also check out a post about permanent makeup here. 

Hope you find this post useful.

Let me know if you need anymore information about any of the steps. Leave your comments in the below comment section.

Happy to help you… !!!

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