Some Extraordinary Women You Won’t Believe Exists…!!! 


Today is a fun post about some of the extraordinary women. They are unique… Read on to have fun filled mid week… 

Real Life Anime Girl 

Anastasiya Shpagina, a Japanese makeup artist, has a lot of passion for cartoon characters. So she puts makeup on like a Anime Girl.  By losing weight and dressing up like a doll, she indeed looks like a living doll. 

World’s Longest Tongue 

Chanel Tapper, with 9.75 cm long tongue. 

World’s Largest Butt

If you think Kardashian sisters have biggest butt,  please correct that info.  Sarah Massey has a butt which is seven foot wide.!!! 

Eyeball Protrusion

Oh gosh… This is creepy… This lady, Kim Goodman can pop her eyes out of her eye socket by 12 millimeters. 

 World’s Longest Neck

Lyudmila Titchenkova is the one with longest neck. 

World’s Shortest Woman

EditJyoti Amge is so cute… She is 25 years old…  I have watched her videos, she is so tiny, cute and very charming. Her love for makeup and accessories is something I love the most. 

Real Life Barbie Doll

We all loved Barbie dolls when we were young. But this gal  Valeria Lukyanova loved Barbie so much so that she went under multiple surgeries to look like one. 

World’s Largest Natural Breasts

Phewww… Annie Hawkins Turner is the lady with largest natural breasts. 

 World’s Fattest Woman

Charity Pierce:weight  is 765lb

World’s Biggest Legs

EditDue to genetic disorder, Mandy Sellars has largest legs. 

World’s Skinniest Woman

EditI love this woman Lizzie Velasquez.  She is the most positive gal I have ever seen. You can check her story here.  I am sure you will love her too. 

 World’s Largest Hands

EditDuangjay Samaksamam: her hand weighs 21 pounds. 


Well, next time when you complain about your body, think of these ladies…  

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