Cruelty Free Products At The Body Shop India  


I am a huge animal lover. I love animals more than humans. All thanks to my lovely mom who introduced me to these angels during my childhood.  Rather when I was a baby, my parents had a doggy.  They brought us up like two siblings. She was like my sister.  Losing her was the first painful thing I have ever experienced in this life.  I hope she is enjoying a good life somewhere across the rainbow.  Nothing can compete with the pure love the animals shower on us…

Being an animal lover and a passionate makeup enthusiast, I love picking up only those products which are cruelty Free.

When I say cruelty Free,  I mean those products which are not tested on animals. There are so many animals like cute little bunnies, rats, monkeys are treated like specimens for testing different cosmetics. Most of which end up breathing their last breath because of the allergies caused by chemicals. There are so many heart wrenching videos about these animals.  Do you really think they deserve a life like that??? Just for testing products, we humans are risking their precious lives. How mean is that???

They don’t speak our language, they don’t dress up like we do, they don’t have an established families that doesn’t mean they don’t have one. They do have emotions. In fact more than what we have. They do feel the pain..  They do feel the love and care we show to them.  They do have family. Can you imagine your loved one getting treated like this. Can you see your loved one bearing these pain???  Can you see your loved one breathing their last breath with so much of pain.  Can you see that pathetic death…  No…!!!  Of course no…

We human are blessed…  Blessed with so many privileges. We can speak up for our own rights. Unfortunately they can’t. Why don’t we use our voice for those who don’t have one.

The body shop is one of my favorites brand. Not only because of its best products, but also for the initiative it has taken to ban the cosmetics test on animals.

Couple of days back, even though had an option for online shopping, I traveled 12 km to visit a body shop outlet. (I know it’s too far from my place.)  The purpose of the visit was along with shopping few essentials I wanted to sign the petition to stop animal cruelty. The people over their were so happy with my gesture of signing the petition by asking for it. Little did they know, how much happy I was to be a part of such a good cause… They told how most of the customers don’t sign it thinking it’s a waste of time. They don’t know their one minute can save so many innocent lives…!!!

As I said before, The body shop is my favorite brand. I have below products of this range.

  • Shower gel
  • Body cream
  • Lipsticks
  • Kajal
  • Eyeshadow
  • Foot cream
  • Foot brush
  • Scrub
  • Brush
  • Perfume
  • Body mists

I know I am a shopaholic.  haha

Do let me know which review you want…  I will review them for you…

I am sure you will love the products.

PS: If you ask me am I promoting these products…  Yes…  I am promoting these cruelty free products here. Because All I want is, when you visit the store the next time, please please please sign the petition. It’s kept in every outlets’ billing counter. Let’s sign in huge number to bring that difference.

Unfortunately 80% of countries do not have laws against animal cruelty. Let’s make India belong to that 20% category where animals are not killed for such mean purpose. Let’s support this very good cause.  Let’s save those animals who are waiting for their last breath. Let’s stop this cruelty by using only cruelty Free Products.

Let’s be an angel….  😇💋

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