How to Detox Your Body… 

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Nowadays, the food we eat, the air we breath everything is contaminated. Most of it has chemicals.. Our body gets toxins. Liver is our hero who fights with these toxins and protects our body. Kidneys, skin also helps in eliminating these impurities. Don’t you think they also need some good treatment…  Here is the post about Detoxifying Body and how to recharge your liver… 

So firstly, what is detoxification?? 

As I said, process of eliminating the impurities and toxins from body is detoxification. We cleanse our blood by Detoxifying. 

How does it works?? 

  • We are giving rest to digestive system by fasting. 

  • It promotes liver to drive all the toxins from our body. 

  • It helps in eliminating toxins from skin, intestine and kidneys. 

  • Promoting blood circulation. 

  • Refueling body with healthy nutrients. 

Who needs detoxification??? 

Everyone needs to cleanse their body at least once in a year.  Especially those, whose body showing following symptoms. 

  • Fatigue 

  • Menstrual problems 

  • Allergies 

  •  Skin problems 

  • Bloating 

  • Puffy eyes

  • Mental confusion 

How to Start Detoxification Process??? 

  • When we are cleansing our body, we do not want to add any new or extra toxins to our body. So, the first step should be cutting off the toxins like cigarette, alcohol, caffeine, saturated fats and refined sugar etc.  

*Let me tell you a strange fact. You know what else is toxic to our body??? The stress hormones. Yes… The stress hormones slows down the detoxification process. You need to be stress-free in order to make most out of the process. 

Choosing Right Detoxification Plan

Depending on your health condition and your body needs, you need to choose the detoxification plan for yourself. 

There are multiple types of plans. Some are for single day some need to be followed for entire week. Below are some of the prominent Detox plans. 

  • Juice cleanse

  • Smoothies Cleans

  • Fruit cleanse

  • Vegetables cleans

  • Sugar detox

  • Hypoallergenic detoxification 

You can also check post about Detox Water here. 

Post Detox

Once the body is cleansed,you got to treat yourself with healthy food, more water, positivity and more exercise. It is like re-energizing session for your body. 

This is the glimpse of detoxification process. Choose right one by analyzing your body need or consulting dietitian. 

Don’t forget…  Your Body is where your soul resides. You need to keep it clean just like you do to your house. 

Keep shining… 💋

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