How to Make Customized Face Sheet Mask at Home

Hey pretty, 

Today I am gonna share a quick tip to prepare a face mask sheet. So that you can enjoy your Sunday with some face mask of your choice. 

Some might be wondering what these sheet masks are.  These are a prominent beauty masks which are originated from Korea. Face mask sheet are usually made up of thin fabric and are infused with serums. 

There are plenty of sheet masks available in market. All you need to do is open the mask and place it on your face. It will make wonders in twenty minutes. 

But, you need to be cautious while choosing the masks which suits your skin. So, I have this quick tip today to prepare a chemical free, budget friendly and Skin friendly face mask. 

Shall we start??? 

Things we need:

  • Scissors 
  • Thick tissue paper. If you take thin one, you ll end up tearing it. 
  • Liquid face pack/essential oils /face serum/ face gel

Step 1

Fold the tissue in below mentioned manner

Step 2

Cut the tissue the way I did, as shown in the picture below. This is for eyes. 

Step 3

Unfold the tissue. 

Step 4

Cut it like this. 

These for Lips and nostrils. 

Sheet is ready. 

Step 5

Dip the mask in your favorite liquid pack/ oil / serum.  Let it soak. 

Step 6

Placs the mask on face. 

Step 7

Take a quick nap…  haha

Step 8

Wash the face. 

I hope you enjoy your customized face sheet masks, like I did. 

Have a happy Sunday…  💋


Pallavi 💋

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