Unique Gifts for A Girl Who Loves Makeup… 


The other day,  I was talking to an old friend of mine. She wanted to gift a friend of hers, something unique and something she loves. Knowing that she is a makeup freak and me being one more… We started looking for something in that domain…  haha

Here are some unique ideas to make that girly girl happy…  😉

  •  Brush holder

Makeup brush are important part of our art. We have different set of brushes like lip brush, foundation brush, eyeshadow applicator and the list goes on. Gifting a girl brush holder with those super cool makeup quotes will definitely makes us a happy person.

You can buy this here. 

  • Cool patches

Cloth patches are new trend. All you need to do is place them on your jackets/tshirt/jeans and iron them. They get stick to your cloth and makes them look chick.  So the next time include these super cool patches in your gift list.

  • Ahhh those shirts…

What’s more better than wearing t-shirts with our favorite quotes…  The quotes which define us.  😉

Buy Blending Savage Here. 

  • Makeup Bags

We adore the makeup bags where we store all our magical stuffs.  If those bags are girly enough, we are the happiest people around. 😁

  • Customized Compact Mirror

We use them a lot. For regular check on lipstick and eye makeup, we need a compact mirror. Imagine your name engraved on it.  😉

  • Lipstick Phone Case

This gift is for those girls who never steps out with out lipstick. Gifting her this lipstick phone case will definitely make her day.

  • Girly Tote Bags

Tote bags are shopaholic girls best friend. Gifting her a cute girly tote will help her in her next makeup haul.

  • We Love Pillows

Girly pillows are also a very good option…  😉

  • Coffee Mugs

These are for those makeup and caffeine addicts.

  • Badges

Who doesn’t like these cute badges…  😍

Enjoyed reading??

Do add these in your gift list and makeup your makeup geek friends super happy…  😀💋

Author: Mygirlypedia

Encyclopedia of A Girly Girl...

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