Check out These Cute Little Dresses Made of Fruits and Flowers… !!! 


Finally…  Weekend is here… So is the fun post on mygirlypedia

Today’s post is about these mom and daughter who are having so much fun with these amazing dresses. These Dresses are made of pure flower or vegetables. 

You might be thinking how to make a dress out of Vegetables right… This mom didn’t actually made any of these outfits…  Instead, the creative mom has made the best use of the power of perception and created these amazing looks for her daughter.  Check out these wonderful creations by Alya Chaglar and her 3 year-old super cute daughter, Stefani. 

  • Awww the princess with a cute smile…  
  • Chilli newer looked this cute before 

  • Floral Princess… 

    • Fruity Dresses

    Coolest summer dresses

    • Up for some vegetable dresses?? 


    Cute little Mermaid 

    Picture Credit : Instagram

    Do check her profile for some more beautiful creations…   

    Hope you had fun checking these pretty pics…  Have a great weekend ahead… !!! 

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