Things to Consider Before Getting a Facial Done

Hey my pretty reader,

Every gal wants to look beautiful and admired by everyone. There are multiple beauty treatments to opt for and famous among them being – facial.

I have seen gals who opt for this and most of them end up regretting their choice. So, I have come up with some points which you need to consider before getting a facial done.

  • Don’t not exfoliate before facial 

Facial does include exfoliation steps. To avoid over exfoliating the skin, it’s good not to exfoliate prior to facial appointment.

  • Follow normal skin care routine 

You don’t have to follow any particular steps for skin before visiting parlor for facial. Follow your regular routine so that the beautician gets to know your skin type and how it looks everyday.

  • Know your products before using

It’s always always advisable to know your skin needs and the products the beautician using on your face. The face pack used during facial might irritate your skin. So to avoid the side effects study the ingredients and choose according to your skin type.

  • Ask questions 

Ask questions to the one who is doing your facial. As I said,  try to know what products are being used on your skin. Discuss about your skin type, allergies, skin needs etc.

  • Make sure the place is clean

This is also a very important point. Make sure the one who is conducting the facial is maintaining a good hygiene.

  • No face wash for next 24 hours 

It’s suggested not to wash face post facial,  for a day. This is to provide time for the facial to work it’s magic.

  • No shaving or waxing for 48 hours

Doing facial on waxed skin will cause irritation. And if you wax or shave skin post facial will result in breakouts.

  • No sun exposure for 24 hours

You should not step out to direct sun exposure for a day after facial.

  • Don’t take any risks on your big day

I know all gals wanna shine bright on their big day.  But, trying out new products prior to big day is riskier. The chances are that the product might not suit your skin. So don’t try facial on or couple of days before the wedding or any function.

  •  Not every facial gives you instant results

Results depends on type of facial and type of skin. Some might get instant glow some might have to wait for couple of days to see results.

I hope these points will help you choose the best suitable facial for yourself…

I hope you will get most out of next pampering session of yours…  😉

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