You Will be Amazed to See Ranveer Singh’s Outfit Which He Wore for GQ Awards 


It takes a lot of guts to try out something different, something unique. Especially when you are a celebrity and you are surrounded by fashion police…!!! 

If you ask me who are my favorite bollywood celebrities when it comes to fashion, I would say Sonam Kapoor and Ranveer Singh. One thing I love the most is they never afraid to go out of comfort zone to try out different outfits and makeup. 

Recently Ranveer Singh attended ’50 most influential Young men 2017′ GQ event. What grabbed everyone’s eyes was his outfit. Look what he wore…  😮

Yes, he wore a skirt….!!!! 

He carried it with his contagious energy and confidence. 

There were people who admired his attire. 

But, as expected twitterati were not so kind to him.  Below were some of the hilarious tweets. 

His rumored girl friend and my most favorite actress of bollywood and now also Hollywood,  Deepika Padukone also commented on his tweet. 

I suppose her comment is for his tweet not on his outfit. 

The most Hilarious tweet I found was the Below one with Deepika’s recent photo. 

But I must say, he looked cool as always. I love him more for the experiments he does with his outfits. 

What’s your take on this???  Leave your comments below. 😉

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