Have You Watched ‘Gentleman’ Trailer Yet…??? 


Trailer of upcoming Bollywood movie Gentleman, starring Siddhart Malhotra and Jacqueline Fernandez is out…!! 

The trailer starts with Gaurav played by Siddhart,  with a simple charming good boy  looks. He is successful, owns a house and all he need is a loving life partner.

His love interest role is played by Jacqueline. 

Jacqueline ‘s entry is super chik… She gives us some major fashion and fitness goals…!!! But she doesn’t like him as she finds him too good for her or too boring for her…!!! 
This comedy and fun filled plot takes a turn when the hero gets trapped due to a mistake in the identity. 

That is when you get to see a super hot version of Siddhart…!!!  Rishi the bad boy… Phewww… !!! 

You get too see a lot of action scenes. One of my favorite being the scene in which Jacqueline comes out of room with guns in her both hands and she looks super cool action heroine. 

Every story is incomplete without a villain. Sunil Shetty is playing the role of negative shade. He wants to find Rishi (the super hot Siddhart)  but he mistakenly chasing the good boy Gaurav…!!!  
This movie seems to be a fun (due to the confusion in the identity),  comedy, bit of romance and action filled…!!! The movie is getting released on 25th of August this year… 

Can’t wait to see Jacqueline ‘s outfits and makeup and of course the eye candy Siddhart…!!! 

If you have not yet watched the trailer, do watch it here…!!!  

Let me know your take on this. 😉

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