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Things Which Only Shopaholic Gals Will Understand


Weekend is here. So is a fun post on mygirlypedia.

If you have been following mygirlypedia closely, you know I’m a shopaholic. If you are a shopping freak too, these are the things you will exactly relate to.

Read on…

  • Shopping is therapy 

Heart break, bad day, unwell no matter whats bad in your life, shopping washes away allllllllll the negative vibes from you.

  • 50% discount’ can even get us out of coma 

The very next second we hear this magical word, we have made the list of items we wanna buy.  The word discount makes us the happiest souls.

  • We don’t wait for occasion to shop

Everyday is a good day to shop. Isn’t it???

  • We believe in treating ourselves with good shopping. 

Because we know we are worth it. After all self appreciation counts. Isn’t it???

  • We don’t go with the list every time we shop. 

In fact, we love random shopping. Buying things which are not planned or say not needed (most of the time) is our favorite hobby.

  • Ignoring people comes naturally 

People nag at you for spending so much money. But gal…  Concentrate on good thing…  shopping.  wink

  • We always buy ‘extra’ 

Especially when on sale, we prefer to buy some extra stuff. Even though we don’t need it now. For future use you know.

  • Any new product in market??? Oh gal…  We own it already. 

We can’t wait until we buy that latest one in the market. Thanks to all news letter subscriptions.

  • Best feeling??? When you hold your shopping bag.

Holding shopped products are like holding the most beautiful and magical thing. It makes you feel as if you are flying.

  • Favorite fragrance???  

The fragrance of shopping mall… Ummm  Mesmerizing…!!!

  • Favorite exercise??? 

Hopping from one shopping mall to another. And yes lifting our own bag considered as weight lifting alright…  wink

  • We are the best reviewers you can find

Since we have been to almost all shops, we can guide you with your shopping. *anytime *

  • We are of course the best shopping partners.

It happens every time with me. I accompany someone to their shopping. I end up buying more than them.  Every single time.  eyes roll

  • Every morning – ‘I don’t have anything to wear.  Need to shop’ 

Since our closet is jam packed, we don’t find a perfect cloth to wear. Hence we have to shop more…!!! Don’t blame us

  • Credit card bill –  nightmare 

You know when we need the most courage??? Checking the credit card bill does.  head bang

  • We do try not to shop. 

Soon after paying the bills, we do Google ‘how to control the urge to shop’..  We do try to implement them.  Till the time we see something attractive on sale.
I have another post for you. About smart shopping…!!!

Check the post here…  
Have a great weekend…!!!
Buy your favorite items before it’s out of stock this weekend…!!!

Keep shopping…!!! 😉😉

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