Thing You Need to Know About False Eyelashes


Have you ever heard of fake eyelashes??? Today I have post for you, with all the information about them. Read on to know more.

What are false eye lashes???
As the name suggests, these are the unnatural lashes which can be used to get  fuller/thicker eyelashes look.


Huge varieties of false eye lashes available in the market. They differ in length, volume and usability types. Also, there are individual lashes and colored lashes available in market.

Individual lashes takes lot of time as you need to set them one by one.


There are tools which are used for easy application of lashes. You must be wondering how to attach the lashes. There are many eye lash glues available which helps in keeping the eyelashes in place.

You must be wondering what these are made up of??
They are made of Mink, synthetic filaments and silk..!!

How to apply false lashes???
1. Apply makeup first. Applying false lashes should be the last step.
2. Prepare the eyelids by applying primer and make sure the surface is dry. We cant stick the eye lashes on oily base.
3. Bend the false lashes inwards softly, in C shape. This makes further process easier.
4. Keep the eye lashes over the upper eye lids and cut the false lashes as per your eyelid length.

5. Apply eye lash glue over the line or over lash line as shown below.

6. Remove the excess glue.
7. Place the falsies over eyelids with the help of tools or bare fingers and press it gently.

8. Leave for couple of minutes.
9. Once it gets attached,use mascara over the eye lashes. This makes the natural and the false one look the same.
10. You can also apply liquid eye liner over the lash line to complete the look.

How to Remove False Lashes???

1. You have to use oil free makeup remover to remove the lashes.
2. Apply a stroke of makeup remover with the help of cotton/ ear buds and let it fall on its own. Don’t freak out. It takes a minute or so.

How to Take Care of Falsies???
There are use and throw eye lashes available. Which are meant for one time use only.

There are other false eye lashes which can be used couple of times.
1. If mascara was applied, clean them with oil free makeup remover and place them in clean dry box.

2. If mascara was not used, remove them with the help of tweezers and remover excess glue. You can dip them in warm water too to clean them. Place the dried eye lashes in their tiny cases.

Dos and Don’t s for false eyelashes:
1. You can’t touch eyes frequently when false lashes are on your lids.
2. They are surprisingly not waterproof. So avoid wearing false eyelashes to pool parties. And of course on occasions where you know you are gonna cry.

3. While choosing the adhesiveness, don’t forget to read the ingredients. There might be some content which might not suit you.
4. Be gentle while removing the lashes. Do not pull.
5. Maintain good hygiene. Clean them thoroughly before storing them back.

It takes lots of practice and patience to be a pro in using these lashes. If you really want this look for a specific special occasion then try it out. Or can also consult someone who is well versed with it.

Hope you enjoyed reading the post.




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5 thoughts on “Thing You Need to Know About False Eyelashes”

  1. It was very useful, thanks 🙂 Even for beginners!.. I was using falsies for years, and I will not deny they are rather harmful for your own lashes, your eyelids and eyes. Mostly because of that chemical glue. Now I had to heal my lashes and improve their looks, so I did it with Cherish Lash serum which is extremely helpful and natural. Still I may share your tutorial, I enjoyed it.

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