Product Review

My Recent Haul from Kylie Cosmetics

Hey You,

I am soooooooo happy…!!! The reason being, I have received my products from Kylie Cosmetics yesterday…!!!! Kylie made my Monday a happy one. I got my other products from Nykaa. Tuesday is also a happy one now for me. wink* *Shopaholic You know what I bought from Nykaa??? Hint – Here.

There was a sale going on couple of weeks back @ kylie cosmetics. ‘Buy one get one free..!!!’. I know, its hard to resist when you see ‘buy one get one sale’ or rather the word ‘sale’ right??? So, the shopaholic gal in me, shopped few products from the online site. Here is sneak peek into the box I have received.

Yesterday I wanted to unpack the box with you guys. But, for some reasons I couldn’t share the live video. sob

No worries, I am gonna show you what’s inside the box now.

Ready??? Okies…

So the box looked something like this.

With typical Kylie designs and her name printed on it.

I loved this optical illusion card. Kind of fashionable and naughty. wink

The card read:

Here are the products I bought:

I wanted to try the blush from her range. So here is my blush.

For the free product, had options like kyliner, kylighter, few glosses and lip liners to choose from. I have a huge stock of eye liners. I have not started using highlighters. I own glosses. Only thing missing was lip liner for my favorite Kylie lip gloss. Hence, I opted for lip liner.


Two of the lip glosses I have already reviewed. Candy K and Posie K.

Will post reviews of these two products soon…!!!

I will keep you guys posted if there is any offers/ sales on Kylie cosmetics next time.

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