How to Get Thicker Eyelashes and Eyebrows


In old mythological books to modern songs, eyes of a woman is something which has been admired beautifully. After all eyes are window to your soul. Right???

To make your eyes do the talking, lets get to know some more beauty tips today.

When it comes to defining your eyes, Eyelashes and Eyebrows have great role to play. In fact shape of your eyebrows can define or ruin the way you look.


Thick eyebrows are believed to be a sign of youth. Most of us like thin eyebrows (at least in my friends circle, most of them love thin eyebrows) but I love to keep my eyebrows as thick as possible. In order to achieve beautiful thick lashes and eyebrows, I have some quick tips for you.

Read on…

Castor oil


This oil is the super hero for hair. Applying a thin layer of castor oil on eyebrows and eyelashes every night will help them grow thick.

Petroleum Jelly 


Applying petroleum jelly over eyebrows not only helps in keeping them in place all day, but also helps in their growth.

You can find more uses of Petroleum Jelly here. 

Olive oil 


One of the light and soothing oil. It boosts the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows.

Aloe vera gel


Apply a layer of Aloe vera gel on eyelashes and eyebrows every night to get that beautiful eyebrows and eyelashes.

Onion juice 


It’s one of the best remedies for hair growth. But, I don’t prefer to apply and keep it over night as it stinks and makes pillow case stinky. You can apply this during day time when you are at home doing nothing.

So these are some of the tried and tested remedies for achieving that thick luscious eyebrows and eyelashes look.






Author: Mygirlypedia

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