Happy Raksha Bandhan My Dear Girl


Today is Raksha Bandhan… Raksha – Protection, Bandhan – Bond. We tie sacred thread called Rakhi, on the wrist of those who protect us. Typically this festival is been celebrated by a brother and sister. Sisters tie Rakhi on wrist of their loving and protecting brother.

When I was a kid, when my mom was expecting a second child, everyone used to ask me the same question. “So, whom do you want?? A little brother or a little sister??? I guess little brother. You need someone to celebrate Rakhi with.” My answer used to be simple and firm “Na. I want a baby sister.” Then i was asked this question “Why?? Don’t you want to celebrate Rakhi???” as always, I used to say “Umm… I want baby sis. ” Little did I know, I was actually longing for life time happiness and celebration, rather than a single day…!!!

My baby sister. My little girl… My living doll. I guess all the elder sisters out there, can relate to what I am telling. We, as a small gals used to love dolls. The cute chubby ones. Don’t you think we feel on the top of the world, when we get a living cute doll. That too who belong to us. Only us. With whom we can play games for life long..!!! Yes I was on cloud nine when I heard I was blessed with a little baby sister. Happiest day…!!!

People kept telling, “two girls??? You guys need a little brother… to protect you guys… to take care of your parents” blah blah blah…!!! But, the bond we share as two sisters is way more stronger than the bond between a brother and a sister. Don’t you agree???

Ok, tell me – Does your brother played kitchen game with you as enthusiastically as my sister did??? Did your brother helped you with your hair styles??? Do you guys share clothes/accessories??? I am sure your brother can’t give fashion advices like my sister does. Does he understands your feelings about your first crush??? first heart break like we sisters do??? Can you share your period problems with your brother??? Do you and your brother gossip??? Best of all… Is your brother as pretty as my sister???? I am sure Nooo..!!!

Some people had asked me this stupid question. “You don’t have a brother. Don’t you feel unsafe. Don’t you feel you need someone to protect???” Absolutely No. Brothers anyways don’t come with a cape. In fact, not having a brother and being an elder sister, made me a protector. Protector of my beautiful doll – My baby sis. Back in school, if anyone made my baby gal cry, I had made sure that they cry too. They had to watch out for me, the elder sister before taking any step to hurt my sister. Even when my relatives used to trouble my sister or be rude to her… A bad girl in me used to wake up and make them feel the worst. For me, my sister should be safe and happy. That’s all…!!!

We shared rooms, she used to sit in my classroom when she was new to school. Holding her hand and bag on the way to school and back used to make me feel “the most responsible kid ever”. Playing kitchen games, stealing Bournvita when mom is asleep. Ahhh there are plenty of beautiful memories.

When my sister grew up, she became my best friend. BFF I call. She is my secret keeper(even if I fail to keep some of hers #SorrySissy) She understands, consoles and cheers me up with her stupid jokes. #Haha. She protects me from parents’ scoldings. Always stands by me in all my struggles. Even with the blogging stuff, she is my reviewer, my critic. Every post I publish here, are reviewed by her. She even helps me out with hashtags I use on Instagram. #SheisTooGood

Today, I want to appreciate and give lots of love to my little sissy, for being there always. For making me realize my potential to fight for good and for protecting me from bad. I love you for what you are. Be the way you are and always protect that innocent smile of yours. Never let the world change that.

No matter how old you get, what you do, you will always be my baby. My baby sister, who filled my life with so much happiness. On this beautiful Occasion, I promise you that I am and I will always be with you in all your struggles and happiness. Protect you and never hesitate to punch the one who tries to hurt you.

All the girls out there, like us, who doesn’t have their own brothers – Rakhi – is a symbol of gratitude towards the one who protects us. We don’t really need a brother to celebrate this special day. I have heard a lot of people saying “Brothers change once they get wives” But, I can grantee – No matter how old we sisters get, even when we don’t have teeth to laugh, we will laugh at the silliest jokes, dance like idiots and wipe tears and turn those tears into laughter again…!!! #SisterGoals #touchwood

On this day, do tie Rakhi to your sisters who have been your pillar of strength and shield of protection. Say them how much you love them Andddd don’t forget to give and receive gifts…!!!!

Loads and tons of love to all the sisters out there…!!

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