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International Cat Day : Things to Learn From Cats


You know what’s special today??? It’s International Cats Day…!!!

It was founded as a way to bring awareness to the number of homeless cats.

I am a proud mommy of a kitty too. I have a very polite and sweet son(every mommy thinks the same about her son. But, not every son is as good as his mom thinks and not as bad as his wife thinks. #wink)

When you compare a dog and a cat, there is huge gap in their attitude. If you love a Dog he thinks “my human is taking such a good care of me.. He must be God” whereas the cat thinks, ” my human is taking such a good care of me.. I must be the God”


Even though people say that they are not loyal and what not, but I know they are. They are loving but i must say it strictly depends on their mood. #ConditionsApply

You know there are at least one thing to learn from everyone. These cats can teach you many things. Wonder what those must be??? apart from their famous ‘attitude’??? Let me tell you what are their qualities I find worth adopting.

Love others but love yourself more.

We, while loving our near ones, ‘far ones'(special case, you know what I mean), job, status etc. forget one thing. ‘Self love’. Cats love their human but when there is any danger, they run faster to save themselves. #haha

Importance of Me time

In the busy schedule, we often forget to spend ‘me time’. Time where you spend doing something you like, something you love. But Cats… Naaa… even if the world is ending, they take their break. Lie down, lick themselves, grooming session is something they can never ever give up.

Teach People to Treat You Well

Give a rub to kitty. If he is happy with that, he makes sure you do it more. If not, he will turn his back and leave. We also, need to learn to teach people how they should treat us. If you are not happy with the way they treat you, simple – Cat Walk… #YouKnowWhatIMean

Beauty Sleep

When was the last time you had a good long sleep??? Look at these cute creatures. They make sure they sleep calmly enough to rejuvenate themselves everyday.

Be selective while giving your love

Cats don’t really love everyone around, unlike dogs.
We humans, we are either too generous in spreading love or we shut ourselves away from world. I think we need to be selective too when it comes to giving love. If we start loving blindly, it might soon turn into foolishness. After all, love is the precious thing, shower on those who are worth it.

Be active

Being physically active is good for overall health. Overall I mean, physical as well as mental. Have you seen cats playing.. ?? When they jump, they look nothing less than Olympic gold medalist gymnast.

Alone yet not lonely

They don’t need any specific toy or a partner to play with. They can happily play with their own tail. They actually teach you how to stay happy even if no one is around.


The way they focus while hunting, the easy yet cautious steps they take towards they their prey, teaches us something important. Focus on your life goals. Plan and take cautious steps towards it. Give your best to achieve it. If you couldn’t, change the focus to next goal. #CoolLife


They never hesitate to wake you up from your deep sleep, when they need attention. Even we, as a human need to speak up when their is need.

Be choosy. Select what is best for you.

Cats don’t really eat everything you give them. They eat what is good for them, what they like. Be choosy in what you eat. Eat right.

Happy meowwww day….!!!! 🐈💋

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