Beauty Secrets Of Arabian Women


Almost every country has its own history of medicines and beauty treatments. Today, I am gonna share some of the secrets from the land of Arabs. The best kept beauty rituals for skin, hair.

Ready to know the secrets???

  • Arab women cover their head and face with veil as a part of tradition or their culture when step out of the house. This protects them from dust and direct rays of sun. #HealthySkinHair


  • They follow a beauty ritual called Hammams. This is traditional sauna bath. Here, they massage the body with essential oils. Then give steam, followed by warm water bath. This helps in detoxification and adding glow to skin.
  • Argan oil is their best friend. The oil helps in fighting signs of aging, helps in nourishing hair.
  • Eating right is the key. Arab women do not eat preserved or junk food like we do. They only prefer fresh fruits or home made healthy food.
  • The most lovely thing I find about them is the kohl they apply. They do not prefer the ones available in market. Instead, they prepare their own kohl at home. Do you know how to prepare kohl??? If not, let me know. I will write about it. #wink


  • Halawa is the name of the homemade wax they use. This not only helps in removing hair and tan, it also nourishes the skin.
  • Arab women are very particular when it comes to cosmetics they use. They never compromise with the quality of the organic products they use.


  • Spa treatments are something which they never miss..!! Yes, they are very regular with their spa sessions. After all, that glow of their skin is not that easy to get. #wink

So, what we can do,

  • Cover your face and hair with cloth before stepping out. Protect them from Sun and pollution.
  • If we can not take a spa session regularly, get a good mask treatment for hair and skin at home. (There are multiple posts available on different face mask on Mygirlypedia. Do search in the search box below. )


  • Hair oiling is must.
  • Do not buy cheap cosmetics. Spend money at beauty store instead of spending later at dermatologist.
  • Eat right ladies…!!!

I hope you find the post useful gal.

Keep Glowing, inside out.

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