Have you Heard About Blue Whale Challenge


Have you ever heard of ‘Blue Whale Challenge’??? If not read on why this is gaining popularity and why it needs to be stopped. Right away.

Blue whale dare is an Internet game, where the one who has accepted the challenge needs to do a list of dares. And, game doesn’t ends here. The game ends when the one who has accepted the dare and doing the dare dies. Yes, the last dare is to commit suicide.

The name of the challenge comes from beached blue whales. The phenomenon, where a blue whale washes itself away from sea and falls on shore. It eventually dies due to dehydration and because of the own weight, it dies.

So, there is a group on Internet. The one who enters and accepts challenge is a ‘whale’ they call. There are multiple list of dares as I said before. Out of curiosity, I went through the list. Trust me they were so damn disturbing, I could not complete reading the whole list. Worst part is, after performing dare, the one needs to send picture to the group admin. Psychic…!!!

You must be curious to know the list too. Let me give you some examples. Watch horror movie at 4 am (some particular time. I don’t remember). Go to terrace of your building alone. Hurt yourself. Cut your wrist. Etc etc. Aren’t they disturbing???

To be frank, I’m not happy writing this sad post. But, I just want to know the answer to my single question – ‘why this??’

Till date, more than 130 people have lost their lives to this dare. Sadly, this useless dare has entered India too. Couple of Indian students have already ended up doing the last dare.

How can someone lose their precious life for a meaningless games like this?? If you want to prove your dare, there are multiple things to do. If you have courage, speak up whenever you see something wrong. Speak up for good. If you want some thrill, go for adventurous trip.

When you know you are gonna end up losing life, why do you want to start it in first case. If you really want to, I have a single dare to start with.

Pay a visit to a hospital and go to at least ten different wards and patients. Look at the mom who has lost her baby, look at the patient praying for one more day to live so that he can fulfill at least one more dream of his, look at the one who has lost his leg, or hand or eyes. If these don’t make you feel blessed for the life

you have, I don’t know what else will.

Lastly, nobody can replace you in your parents’ and siblings’ lives. Please don’t let them suffer life long, for a silly challenges like these.

Spread this…

If it reaches at least a single soul who is currently playing or thinking of becoming a whale and makes him/her drop this challenge, I would feel that the purpose of this post is been served.

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