My Recent Haul From Ornate Jewels


All the accessories lovers out there…!!! I hope you are listening…

Today’s post is for you… This is the latest haul of mine from an amazing collection of jewels – Ornate Jewels…!!!

At our office, there are multiple stalls that can be setup. The best part is, we the employees, get best offers from those stalls. So, last week a jewelry shop named, Ornate Jewels had set up their stall at my office. Being an accessory lover, I could not stop myself from visiting the stall. And, visiting stall and coming back empty hands, #NeverHappening 🙈🙈🙈

What Ornate Jewels says about their jewelleries:

This exquisite article of jewelry has been certified using hallmarked 925 silver. We use highest standards of manufacturing and follow strict quality standards. For the gold plated articles we use real 18k gold plating. All our products are 100% skin friendly.

I must say the collection was quite impressive. One design was entirely different from the other. Jewelleries were mostly silver ones, few are gold plated one. There were amazing lockets, ear rings, bracelets, finger rings. The options were many for ear and finger rings, pendents. By the time I reached the stall, most of the bracelets were sold out. But, I was lucky enough to grab a girly bracelet. Check out the picture below.

Finishing was really nice. I found those jewelries worth their price.

Even though I wanted buy all of them, I controlled myself by remembering the credit card bills I get at the end of the month… #Sobbing

So, I picked up couple of finger rings, couple of chain and pendent pair and a bracelet for my baby sissy. That’s her Rakhi gift. #MySisterHasBestSister

Check out details of my shopped pieces and what made me buy them. Also, you can find links below, to buy them from their online store.

  • Infinity Pendent With Chain

I loved this ‘dancing diamond’ concept. The diamond inside keep vibrating as and when you move the pendent. When I saw the infinity design, I felt positive. Reminded me that strength Inside us in infinite…!! So I bought it for that positivity.

Price: INR 2899 (After discount INR 1999)

You can buy it from here.

  • Dragonfly pendent With Chain

I have some good memories with these tiny, active insects. My cousins and I used to play with them. They remind me of my childhood days and the happiness of being free. Plus the color combination of diamonds and ruby is so girly. Isn’t it???
You can buy it from here.

  • Ring


I’m a huge finger rings lover since childhood. I wear eight finger rings, daily. My mom says, “next time buy fingers before buying rings. Because that is what you need now. You have more rings and less fingers”

This one is nice design and I liked it’s sturdiness. Perfect for daily wear.
You can buy it from here.

  • Princess tiara

Every gal has a princess inside her. The princess inside me deserve all the cute pretty tiaras in the world. This one is for her.
You can buy it from here.

  • Charm bracelet

You must have read my post for my dear sister. So this is her Rakhi gift. She loves girly bracelets. A silver bracelet with glittery stars, her type. She loved it.

You can buy it from here.

Did you like my Shopping????

Which one did you like in particular???

Do let me know in the comments section below.

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