Happy Birthday Ganesha…!!!

Today is Ganesh Chaturthi…!!!

We Hindus, have three crore God. (a lot to chose from). But, if you ask me who is the favorite of them all, without second thought it’s Ganesha. I call him Ganu. #love

Ganesh Chaturthi is a Hindu festival in India. It’s a ten days celebration. It is celebrated to celebration of birth of Lord Ganesha. The cutest God.


Look at him… Don’t you think he is the cutest???

You might wonder why he has an elephant head. Let me tell you the story.

Ganesha ‘s mom is Parvati. The goddess of power and wife of God Shiva. Parvati made a son out of dirt from her body. Gave life to it. She named him Ganesha. As she was going to take bath, she asked her son to guard. The cute little boy was guarding his mom and he was making sure nobody entered the premise.

Shiva, husband of Parvati came to see her. Being unaware about each other, Ganesha and Shiva started to combat. As the loving son of Parvati, didn’t allow Shiva to meet Parvati. At end of the battle, Shiva killed the poor little boy. He separated his head from his body.


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When Parvati came back and saw her son dead, she was heart broken. And pleaded Shiva to return her son’s life back. Shiva asked his men to go to North direction and get a head of a person who is sleeping with his head in the north direction. After sometime, his men returned. They came back with a head of an elephant. Because they could find only an elephant who was sleeping in that direction.

Shiva places the head of the elephant on the body of the dead son. Gives his life back. Thus Ganesha has body of human and head of an elephant.

He is the God of Beginnings, lord of wisdom. In every rituals, people pray to him first. Because he is the Vigna Nashaka. Means, destroyer of obstacles.

Ganesha has 108 different names…!!!


Ganesha’s ideal has a great meaning too.

Trunk – Elephant can uproot a strongest tree as well as pick a fine grass. Thus trunk symbolizes to be strong as well as skilled enough to distinguish between good and bad.

Large Ears – He listens to prayers of every devotee. Be a good listener like Ganesha.

His hands:

Holding Lotus – Symbol of enlightenment.

hatchet – symbolize that enlightenment cuts off all bonds of attachment with the material world.

Sweets – sweet gains reaped by practicing good deeds.As Bhagwadgita says, a person should always focus on the karma and not the fruits of it. Ganesha is never shown enjoying the dessert he holds in his hands, thereby making it clear that he is not attached to the outcome of his good deeds.

`Aashirwad Mudra` (Blessing pose) – an ideal person always wishes for societal well-being

His Feet:.

one foot down on ground and the other one resting on his knee. – enlightened person lives on earth without any attachment to material life.

rat – rat stands for greed and the mind of a wise being should control his senses rather than getting controlled by them.

Every year, people worship the cute ideal of Ganesha. A day before, worship of Parvati begins. At the end of the festival that is after ten days, the ideal will be immersed in water along with Parvati ‘s ideal. It is like Ganesha going back home along with mom. Trust me, my mom and I still cry when Ganesha leaves. I remember, during childhood dad consoling me saying “he is going back home. He has his mom with him. He can’t stay here all the time na. He will come back next year…” but still when people sink the cute Ganesha in water, my heart sinks too.


Ganesha is a foodie. You can say just by looking at him. #CuteTummy So we prepare a lot of dishes and sweets for him. His favorite being modak.


They say that Grass is his favorite. Once he had been to a rich person’s home. Had great food. Ganesha observed that there was a devotee who wanted to invite Ganesha home. But the man was hesitating as he had nothing to feed him. Ganesha invited himself and went to poor man’s home. Poor man was in dilemma whether to ask him for food or no. Ganesha asked him to bring grass. Poor man was surprised and he brought some grass. Ganesha ate it and burped. And said “now I can say I am full. Thank you for the great food…!!!” Poor man was touched by his gesture. Even I am…!!!


There are so many stories of Ganesha. All thanks to my dad and bed time stories which he used to tell me every night. #touchwood

Even now while writing this, I can see music around. The birthday boy has come. The party has begun. 😘

Happy birthday Ganu…!!!! Love you…!!!





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