Have you heard about Cookie Crumble Nail Paints


How’s weekend treating you??? Rain has taken a break right now, here in Pune. But soon it will start pouring again.

I am having a Lazy day… But, I have to go out for a dinner tonight. I just did my nails. I do a lot of nail arts but today, I have no mood and time to do fine nail art. So I’m going with some time saving nail paints I bought recently. But, a bit confused with which one to apply. Can you help me out???

Let me show you the two options from my recent purchase from Nykaa. You guys do let me know which one should I wear tonight.

Nykaa has come up with new range of nail paints named – Nykaa Cookie Crumble Nail Enamel. #NiceName

There are 7 shades available. Every shade is named after some flavored cookies. #yummy

So as nykaa says, it’s like instant nail art. Every nail paint has black pigments in it. It adds that fun quotient. Feels like you have crushed cookies on your nail tip…!!!

The two shades which I have bought are :

  • Cherry Crunch

Shade Number 190

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I’m huge lover of cherries. While everyone is having fun applying cakes to one another during birthday celebrations, I make sure nobody wastes the cherries. Surprisingly the shade is not cherry red. It’s pale pink one. With black pigments.

You can buy it from here.

  • Strawberry Crinkle

Shade number 194

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Most of us love strawberries. I really appreciate the creator of strawberries. I mean the color the texture. #amazing The nail paint is of pale peach one. It also has the black pigments to give that crushed cookies’ effect.

You can buy it here.

Price : 199 INR each

Shelf life : 23 months

Texture : Glossy

Packing :

Comes in transparent bottle. The cap has these black spots design. This matches with the texture of nail paint. Totally it does reminds you of crushed cookies or icing of cakes.

Applicator :

Soft and similar to that of their nail paints from matte range.

Will I recommend :

Yes if you want instant fun nail art, go for it.

Will I repurchase :

Yes would love to try other 5 shades.

So, which one should I apply???

Do suggest me by either leaving comments below/ dm on Instagram / on Facebook / what’s app msg.

Thanks in advance dearie … !!! 😘😘😘

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