Eye Candies for You…!!!


How was your day??? Let me make your day a better one by treating you with some nice ‘eye candies’…!!! We should appreciate beauty, just like men do. Don’t you think so??? And we gals harrrdly get to see some good looking men. #Drought I say.

So I am gonna show you some of the most handsome men in the world…!!  Ready for some treat for your tired soul and eyes..!!!

10. Brad Pitt

Angelina and Jennifer Anniston’s ex husband. He is like those cadbury chocolates for most of us. All time favorite. I had also read a quote. “If Jeniffer can get over her breakup with Brad pitt, honey you can too”

9. Salman Khan

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Our Sallu. That handsome body and the charm he has definitely makes him one of the desirable bachelors of India.

8. Hrithik Roshan

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He is Indian but he is usually called as Greek God. All thanks to his hot chizelled body and sharp features. And those eyes…!!! #DreamWorld…!!!

7. Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise Wallpaper @ go4celebrity.com

The name is enough to get most of the girls blush. His smile, his perfect body, cool hairstyles… #EveryGalsDream

6. Leonardo Dicaprio

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My first celebrity crush ever. #haha The scene in which he dies and the heroine let him drown in the mob=vie Titanic, I was left teary eyed. I never wanted him to die. That smile and eyes… #SkipABeat

5. Omar Borkan Al Gala

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Born in 1989 in Iraq. He is blessed with nice features. Those se*y eyes…  and uff that beard. #InstantLove

He was once asked to leave a religious function because women seemed distracted looking at him. #CantBlameThem

4. Milind Soman

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He is wine. I mean he is 51 and getting more smoky hot every passing day. The moment where he comes out of the box in the song – ‘Made in India’, made every gal blush and dream about him. I am sure all the 90’s gals know what I am talking about. #wink

He is a great inspiration to be fit and healthy. He has completed Iron man challenge and won our hearts yet again…!!!

3. Ian Somerhalder

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While I started watching Vampire Diaries, I was silently scared as vampires blood was not my type. But when this bad vampire entered the show, his charm, those eyes, smile the way he delivered the dialogues…!!! oh man… #LoveatFirstSight

He was born in 1978. Age is just a number when the guy is so good looking. #FacePalm

2. Robert Pattinson

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The twilight star was born in 1986 in UK. After watching the twilight series, I m pretty sure many gals like me, secretly wished for a boy friend like him. Even if he is a vampire #WeDontCare unless and until he is Robert.

1.Jason Momoa

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Game of Thrones. One main reason for me to start watching the show. Him…!!!! Unfortunately he made me cry when he died on screen. #sob But, his height, that fit body, his eyes, a bad boy look and the way he smiles. Ufff Hotness personified…!!! He is my recent crush. Who is yours??? #haha

Even though not every one of us say about their crushes openly, I know most of us do appreciate the beauty silently. Hope you enjoyed watching these handsome men from my list of most handsome men. .#Wink


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