Fun Friday : 5 Random Questions – Part 3

Hey my pretty reader,

Its Friday…!!!! Time for our interactive fun post…!!!

Ready???? Okayyy…

Here are 5 random questions:

What was your childhood ambition to accomplish when you grew up?

I am a chocolate lover since childhood. I just wanted to buy tons of chocolates for myself and shop things of my choice.

Are you a mom of a pet???

Yes I have a kitty. I am a proud cat mommy. 🙂 If you are too, you know I love you already.

Are you a bathroom singer???

I am. Aren’t you??? Come on, thats the place where your voice sound magiocal no matter how it sounds outside…!! #haha

Which is your favorite fragrance???

images (20)
Ummm difficult to pick but if I have to chose one, I would go with Black perfume from Zara. It smells heavenly.

When was the last time you had a long vacation???

I had been to the heaven on earth – Leh Ladakh last year, for an entire week. I must say there is a magic in the air, in Ladakh. The huge mountains, kind people, prayer flags, Buddha statues  do change the way you think about life in many ways.

Now its your turn. Let me know your answers now…!!!

Do leave your answers below in the comments section and help me know my precious readers more, in a better way…!!!

Happy weekend gal…!!!


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